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I’m 19 years old 157lbs at 8.7 percent body fat. I have a decent bulid and am fairly lean but I don’t think my muscles are hard enough. I’ve taken alpha lipoc acid and vandyl and they didn’t work. I just read about a supplement called Maxteron. Does anyone know anything about it? If anyone knows how to get the rock hard feel let me know.

IMO heavier lifting gives a much harder feel to the muscles than higher rep work.

Hi Jerry. A question: do you mean that your muscles aren’t hard enough when you’re pumped up during exercise, or when you’re at rest and not working out, like when you first get out of bed in the morning?

btw, how tall are you?

Forget about M whatever. All you need at that age is a good meal replacement protein 2-3 times per day, one right after working out. No creatine, no aminos, no this no that. Just eat clean and often. If you want a good pump use only 60 sec. rest between sets.