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Density Work as Finisher?

Just a thought here…what do you think about doing density work at the end of a work out? For example, leg day would be squats 4x10-12, leg press 4x10-12, leg ext 3x12-15, SLDL 3x10-12, then back to squats for a given weight(say 60% 1rm) for 7 minutes AMRAP, or however much time. Or shoulders, start with presses and finish with presses for density work. Again, just tossing it around in my head. Building muscle is the goal here btw. Seems good for added volume and I guess conditioning maybe. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

The idea you have about density finishers is good, but not combined with the workout you posted. That’d be a shit ton of volume to recover from and it would keep you from training frequently. Believe me, squatting for five minutes, AMAP, is a separate workout if you take it seriously. Anything you do beforehand should really be low volume strength work.

a decent widowmaker set would probably accomplish what you’re looking for

If you could accomplish effective density training at the end of your main leg workout, you are not training with enough intensity.

I sometimes do it on upper body days as my main assistance, but generally don’t do anything too strenuous after (maybe some curls or something). It’s good bang for your currency of choice if time is of the essence.

Maybe I’ll shelf that idea until the lower rep phase of the program comes around. When I finish with isolation type movements, I feel like I can do more work. I know more isn’t necessarily better, but wondering if it’s worth trying out. Again, more for increasing the volume, as I’ve never done high volume(18+ sets) before. Maybe my perception of high volume is off…