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Dense Muscles or Just Low BF?

I have been wondering if there is any type of training that makes your muscles more dense and “hard”. I understand low bf is importantant here but is that really all there is to it? I have heard on some forums about muscle maturity and people claiming your muscles will look better with age and others say to stick to the 3-5 rep range. Never seen any teen or similar with this kind of density.

Here is a picture of what I mean, noticed how incredibly dense he looks.

he’s got a shitload of muscle and ludicrously low bodyfat.

He’s also likely on a ton of DHT derivative steroids and diuretics…


19-year old Aaron Clark. Current IFBB pro, formerly from our forum:

At the time, he said he’d only done a 1 month prohormone cycle, benched 315 for reps, and squatted 425 for reps.

As for the what and how, like Yogi said… add lotsa muscle, drop fat. At the time of that pic, Aaron said he was 2 and a half years and gained about 65 pounds in that timeframe. Most teens don’t do that (the consistency or the weight gain).

I realized weight does not matter for shit. Some people weigh nothing and look very impressive while some like myself weight a bit more and barely look like they lift. I guess LBM does not matter that much either as it also consists of things like water, organs, bones etc. Gotta grow these muscles and increase their mass.

I think you’re getting the wrong lesson here. These people look impressive BECAUSE they weigh next to nothing, not in spite of it.

I’m a pretty meaty dude at 195lbs at 5’9. However, if I were to get to bodybuilding lean, I’d probably end up at like 165lbs, and I’d look WAY bigger than I do now, because the appearance would be very visually striking. Wide lats on a narrow waist look bigger than wide lats on a wide waist.


Steriods and the bullshit brolifting have distorted what is considered big and strong. Author Saxons book “The Development of Physical Power” discusses size vs strength. He notes, with 15-1/2 inch arms, he could lift over 300lbs overhead. Its worth a read (you can google it). The people from 100 years ago are who you should be gauging yourself against if you are training drug free.

I think I’m a year or two away from being able to lift a horse into the air and then fight it with my bare hands.


you have unrealistic expectations. No one can fight a horse natty.

I guarantee anyone you see fighting horses online is on the jews


Are you saying that bear fighting dude The Revenant was based on wasn’t natty?

well obviously, and I, for one, am tired of these supposed “natty” bear fighters giving young people unrealistic expectations.

You think any of those guys you see pictures of in bear fighting magazines are natural? Please.

I guess I should never have told anyone I once took down a fully grown grizzly with a flying armbar. Now some kid is going to grow up thinking he’ll be able do the same with hard work and creatine.

and then 30 years later he’ll be some bitter douche on a forum telling professional bear fighters they don’t know what they’re talking about


Would you rather?
fight 1 horse sized duck…
fight 100 duck sized horses.

Please show your working out and explain if the choice would change depending on if your natty or not.

On a more related to the topic note, that guy looks great. Aim to come close to that.


That’s my goal

Mine too, I’m gonna try and get to somewhere close to that leanness, 99.9% sure I don’t have enough muscle to look like that but I should be looking alright all being well.

You have a way to go so don’t get too side tracked by minor details. Stick to your plan and be patient. You have built some muscle so far, keep working hard.


But seriously though, before training was a mainstream thing (when it was only done for performance purposes) people did some cool shit. Brook Kubic wrote a book “Dinosaur Training” discussing some of the methods, but unfortunately I cant recommend anyone to read it as it is poorly edited and too long for its purposes.

I guess I don’t see the point in measuring myself against 100 year-old feats that were sometimes arbitrary (see horse lifting), usually poorly-documented (he lifted three barrels of water!) and often exaggerated.

You can use whatever metric you want, but consider:

1, it is cool
2, you have to be strong to perform those feats
3, having made attempts at some of them myself, they are a hell of a lot more fun than lifting barbells.

duck sized horses for sure. What possible damage could they do?

A horse sized duck’d peck your head clean off, so you can bet your ass if I knew I had to fight one I’d be hitting the steroids hard.


Duck size horses are feisty. Nattys don’t stand a chance.