Dennis James

One of the thickest and awesome Body Builders out there,He comes across as quite humble and approachable in interviews. In my opinion he seems to be almost the complete package I can’t really pick a fault except for height(I’m tallish so I tend to prefer seeing guys around 6ft than 5’6 etc).

I believe in the past he had issues with keeping his gut in control and conditioning(don’t quote me on this though) which kept him from placing higher in shows however now it seems like he has a smaller waist.

He took 2nd in the New York Pro which would have been a bitch to judge between evan, dennis and ruhl

what do people think he’d need to change before he could become a mr olympia?

I think he’s always had the necessary ‘tools’ to be Mr. O, it’s always been his conditioning. He’s come in huge, and soft, and he’s come in small and ripped. I know it sounds cliche’ by now, but he needs to find that middle ground where he’ll be well rewarded by the judges.


Idk what needs to be changed, but Dennis has always been one of the biggest on stage. Huge fucking guy.

ah guys, this is the bodybuilding forum, we can’t talk about this shit here…

But seriously, thank you…

Stu nailed it on the head. He seems to have tightened up after playing the mass game ruined him. He needs to line up all his stars to start taking some names

I agree - he is a great BB - i have thought him severely under-rated for years now.

I mean, in that picture above, he has the conditioning of Yates, yet is as round and full as can be. Where is the small and ripped there?!

big ron big d

I think his conditioning has certainly gotten better in recent years. He’s a lot drier, whereas he used to big huge, but full and round, which is impressive, but doesn’t win pro shows.


This guy has finished 4th in the olympia, 4th… 2003 i think. That is phenomenal.

He has come back on the scene again, New York was good for him, i hope he doesnt do the shows around the olympia like the Houston and Atlantic City, and save everything he has for the olympia.

Then again he might want to make more money and do all 3 shows in a month.

I’ve said it before but im gonna say it again, i cannot wait for Mr.Olympia 2009, just thinking about the line up, im so excited.

i heard he managed to control his big gut after quitting working with milos sarcev and stopping an excessive insulin protocol.

[quote]stringer wrote:
i heard he managed to control his big gut after quitting working with milos sarcev and stopping an excessive insulin protocol.[/quote]

Silvio was with him aswel, he gots the gut too. But i believe its all how tight you can keep yourself on stage. Silvio does a decent job of that.