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Dennis Erickson

Bravo, 49er fans. I don’t think he’ll let you down. T’is a sad day for us Beavers…

LOL Yeah, he was awesome as the Seahawks coach!

Horrible choice. We were glad to get him out of Seattle. Every college team he coached had already been set up for success nicely thanks to the great recruiting efforts of the previous coaching staff. Then, as the players gradually left, because of bad recruiting and equally bad coaching, the teams nosedived. Washington State, Miami, Oregon State – all suffered the same fate. And then there’s his infamous response when asked what his Seahawks could have done to change the outcome of a game they had just lost – “I, uh…have no idea…” Left me with a warm fuzzy. My sympathies 'niner fans. Mariucci was a class act.

San Fran embarrased themselves with this one. Erickson was know to have run one of the dirtiest programs in the NCAA. He’s a good coach that runs bad programs.