Denmark -- Who's Been To?

I might take trip to Denmark for “work”.

I think it will be in/around Copenhagen (not sure exactly where the customer is yet), but I can follow up with that.

So, what’s the deal with Denmark. I’ve always wanted to go to the northern countries like Denmark, Finland, etc. and now I have the chance, I know absolutely nothing about the culture, what there is to do, and most importantly-- what to expect for food. Gyms?

I’ll be there for one week if I go.

Words of experience?

I was there in about 2004. I was mistaken repeatedly for one of the locals, so I take the place to be Highly Civilised. Copenhagen is beautiful, and you could easily spend a good week there; also, there are a number of good castles nearby (the Hamlet one is certainly worth a visit), but I no longer remember any names. The country is so small you can do a lot of it as a day trip from Copenhagen. Get a guidebook, and bring lots of money - it’s shockingly expensive. I no longer remember the food, but it’s where Carlsberg (beer) is from. Mmmmmmm… Carlsberg.

Also, Danish women tend to be shockingly hot.

Denmark is the Canada of Europe.

haha, did my thread really make you reevaluate comming here?


I’ve got nothing.

It’s a south park reference. But if Steely goes, he should try the chocolate milk.

[quote]Ty Carlson wrote:
It’s a south park reference. But if Steely goes, he should try the chocolate milk.[/quote]

Oh fuck you’re right!


Frigging Danes. Ever notice how whenever something bad happens in your life there’s a SCHEMING DANE at the center of it? Scientific fact…check PubMed (…it’s all there.

I know you guys have Macchu Pichu and everything, but get off your high horses. You’re not the only country that grows delicious bananas…

There are actually quite a few good gyms over in Denmark, as Strong Man and Power Lifting are pretty popular.

Make sure to try “Rød grød med fløde” “Flæskesteg” and “Stjerneskud”. Otherwise, beef and potatoes are where it’s at, as it*s the case in most European countries.

I hear the women shun clothes and spend a lot of time directing traffic.

If you come to Copenhagen you can train at my club. There’s a bunch of other good gyms/clubs around Copenhagen/suburbs. Let we know where you’re staying and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Food is expensive.

We like pork. And beer.

Culturally we’re reserved until we get to know each other. Our humor is very ironic.

I’ve been living in a dorm for 4 years now, with new exchange students each semester, from different countries. In my experience we tend to get along better with North Americans, Australians and Kiwis than Southern Europeans.

We just had the coldest winter in 14 year (during COP15 which I found funny), so statistically this summer is going to suck (less hot girls in small summer dresses riding their bikes around town - less naked boobs on the beach).

Don’t get your finger stuck in a dyke.

I heard that the rats smell really bad In Denmark.

[quote]Yo Momma wrote:
Don’t get your finger stuck in a dyke.[/quote]

[quote]Yo Momma wrote:
Don’t get your finger stuck in a dyke.[/quote]

If SteelyD is lucky enough to be granted dyke access, I think he should go ahead and get his finger stuck.

I have never been, but two of my closest friends are from Denmark and they are both very laid back. I concur with the ironic humor and they do seem to REALLY like beer.

i was in copenhagen in 2005. i was there for school though, so the majority of my time was spent on architecture nonsense. it’s a very laid back city; i enjoyed it and would certainly go back.

I’ve heard foreigners describe our way of partying as ‘Competitive Binge Drinking’.

well ive lived here for 20 years… so what you want to know ?

the food portions are very small compared to americans ?

but if youre in copenhagen you should try out “yans wok” that a really nice place to eat…

if you want to train… id recommend going to AK thor which is the countries oldest weightlifting club. ill send you the adress if you want ?

Listen, i’m from the country, and i gotta say, the Cocio is one of the best things we have to offer…

Eva Mendez certainly concurs…

I heard its very very expensive, along with the Scandinavian countries. Green energy is really big there, one of the world’s largest Wind Turbine companies hails from Denmark too. Hope its a good trip.