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Denmark 531 Log

Yes, still training, but having a crazy life with work travel.
And my mother in law moving(me moving for her), including my wifes store which is located in that very same building.

So I have skipped logging, and training is merely getting main lifts done and then back to work :slight_smile:
In 7-10 days things looks like getting back to normal, and then I´ll start logging in here again.

Good to hear it. Yeah, life have a way of getting in the way. But sounds like you get plenty of exercise though :laughing:

BTW: You should checkout the new Massacre: Resurgence album - it is a real solid serving of old school Death Metal

Thanks for the fif.

Heard of the Death Coast festival playing in Esbjerg june 10-11?.
I think I need tickets for that.

Yeah, it is on my radar, but will not happen for me - it is the weekend before Copenhell - and only have so much money/liver/wife patience to go around :smile:

Hahaha I know exactly what you’re saying.

I’m fortunate my wife is a metal head as well, she made me do the transformation many years ago.

We didn’t manage tickets this year, but next, we’ll be attending Copenhell as well.

Ah, yeah, that must be nice :metal:

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Just figuring out where I’m at training.
We have had 2 cases of C19 in the family, so all is messy.

Deadbugs:3 sets of 10
Sumo deadlift: 8 sets of 3 at 60 kg.
Military presses: 5 x 5 x 45 kg
Front squat: 5 x 5 x 45 kg
Good mornings: 5 x 5 x 45 kg
Lateral raises: 3 x 10 x 7.5 kg

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Happy New Year

Good to see you back - hope the covid stuff was not too serious?

Happy new year to you too.

I´m still very easily exhausted by it.
I may train, but then I´ll fall a sleep in the sofa after dinner, and sleep until bedtime :-). I hope this is getting better soon.
My daughter had no symptomes at all.

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Warm up:Deadbugs 3 x 10 plus some mobility stuff
Music :Bersærk, Spitanger and a bit of Slipknot

Squat: 5x45kg, 5x50kg, 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 5x75kg
Exhausted here, joints aching, thought about stopping but didn’t.

Close grip bench press:10x40kg, 10x45kg, 3 sets of 10x50kg

Incline db curl:5 x 10 x 7.5kg too light, but no energy to add weight.
Supersettet with Shrugs: 5x10x45kg.

Physically down, mentally ok, means something just to complete.

Ah, sounds like a shitty deal.

Hope you get out on the other side in no time.

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Felt a bit more energetic today.

Music: non, so I sang, gently, on the inside, but on repeat, the soundtrack from sound of music.

Squat: wupsets, 5x40kg, 5x50kg, 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 5x80 kg.

Bench press: wup sets, 5x40kg, 5x50kg, 5x60kg, 2 x 5x70 kg.

Supersettet with pull a parts 5 x 20 x black band
Barbell row : 5x10x50 kg

Deadbugs: 3x10xbw

Hip thrusts:3x10xbw

Yesterday Benjamin, my middle boy 12 y.o ran his first stronglifts 5x5.
Tomorrow William my oldest boy does the same.

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Felt slightly energetic, new feeling.
Wife is back from service…I am very positive about the near future.

Music:Lifesick(danish metal), Bersærk(melodic danish viking hardrock/soft metal).

Tried out seated good mornings, it was not compatible with training right after dinner, even though I restrained myself to 1 homemade chickenburger only.
I’ll stick with the standing version.

Deadbugs: 3x10
Sumo deadlift:wupsets, 5x5x65kg
plus singles: 1x80kg,1x90kg, 1x100kg, 1x110kg felt good.

Military press: wupsets, 5x5x47,5
Supersettet with
Front squat:5x5x47,5 kg

Seated goodmorning:3x5x40kg
Supersettet with
Lateral raises:3x10x9kg

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Hip thrusts:3x10
Squat:wup, 6x65kg, 5x70kg, 5x75kg, 5x80kg, 5x85 kg
GM: 3x10x45 kg
Close grip bench press: 5x10x50kg ss with
Db curls:5x15x9
Slowly increasing until a 3 figure squat.
Then reset, find tm and back to James W’s program.

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Music: Locust and misch youtube hits

Trip to the beach, no amber, but cold.
A great opportunity to practise tailwind pissing…

Prepped 2 kg minced meat for meatballs.
It’s resting as I now head off to the shower.
5 kids equals a lot of frikadeller( meatballs)

Training below:

Step ups:3x10
Hip thrusts: 3x10
Mobility stuff

Squat:wupsets, 5x67.5 kg, 5x77.5kg, 5x87.5kg

Bench press: wupsets, 5x10x60kg ss with
Band pull a parts:5x20xblack band.

B.o.row:5x10x52.5kg ss with
Db roll backs: 5x15x7.5kg
(A Matt Wenning favourite.)