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Denis Learys Book


Just finished his book...Pretty damn funny.The nicknames chapter was classic.Loudest lol moment for me was the Paul McCartney spot.Worth the time to read IMHO.Love him or hate him he comes up with some good shit.

Him and TC were separated at birth I think.


I like Leary.


He's great. I met him at a book signing for that book... he's a nice fucking guy too.


bill hicks was a great man, leary stole his material, and then bill died


As a Denis Leary fan, I must say this:

I have no defense. Maybe they were both like minded people.


Are you kidding me? Bill hicks funniest performance was when he called that drunk heckler woman a "drunk cunt"

besides that, all hicks did was talk about how he hated everyone and everything, especially kids, and how he thought it would be cool to make a goat - porno

yeah he was great / sarcasm


Both were great at what they did, and I agree.......




Bill Hicks had some funny jokes, but he was a fucking dipshit. Leary > Bill Hicks


Count CROTCHula??
Oh man... I smell trouble. These forums aren't big enough for 2 vampires.



Damn goths taking over the world!! (^:


all i need to say is bill is dead. therefor he is great. the good die young, this was a opinion that bill promoted, along with people that promote peace get assasinated. also he promoted the idea that government wants us stupid and placates us with redneck television and is curious why nobody else sees the tv show cops as propaganda.

also attacked the hypocrisy anti drug nazis and the yuppie fear of ciggarettes. leary stole the highlights of bills pro smoking act, and copied the line "whining maggots" to incriminate himself.
i never saw him talk about goat porn, but i am familiar with goat boy. which i dont get at all but is a creepy humor.


taking bill hicks beliefs seriously = fail

he was also an admitted addict