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Denim Bench Shirt Questions

hey whats up?
I just started using a denim bench shirt, I used a poly one for about a year but simply out grew it. i’m just looking for tips on how to get the most out of it. its a double ply completly open back.
my bench has been stuck around 320 shirted (poly) for some time now.I’m hoping the denim shirt will help. any advice on how to blow that number up is greatly apprecieated too.


Are you sure you’re ready for a denim?

How much were you getting out of your poly? If it’s not quite a substantial amount then I’d be surprised if you’re lockout is strong enough for a denim yet.

Just getting a DD isn’t something that will automatically increase your bench. From what I’ve heard they’re VERY unforgiving.

Hanley is right about the lockout strength issue. Think of a denim bench as a something like a 3 or 4 board press. Therefore, your mid-range and lockout strength will be critical to your carryover. My recommnedation is to get a pretty tight one- it should be pretty damn hard or impossible to touch at first. Then, train in it every week for a while.

Hit 2,3,4 board for reps- like 3-5.
Then take some a few full range singles- not maxes- but heavy weights. Wet the shirt every workout- I mean soak it. That will make it easier to touch and will make it springier.

Again- if you can touch the first workout with mid-300s or less- I suggest sending it back and getting an inch or two taken out of the chest (very common on Inzer shirts) and maybe getting the arms pinched as well. One other word of advice on ordering- get a 2 inch scoop on the neck and order the radical cut. Good luck.

hey hanley thanks
with my poly I went from 260lbs raw to 315 now with this 2 ply denim I go from around 260 lbs to 325 lbs I just thought I should see more.