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Denatured Protein

My question is, why would protein that has been denatured, be difficult to be digested? I had read that cooking with whey would denature protein. I thought all protien needed to be denatured for it to be absorbed in the body. Afterall, it does become denatured in our stomach.

If you really want to know - buy the current paper copy of T-Mag as it’s fully explained in there. Proteins can be denatured in mamy different ways and heat denaturing is completely different from the digestive breakdown in the gut. Heat denaturing changes the protein in ways that can make it more difficult for the gut to convert it into digestable, asorbable form. Heat also kills all those bioactive bovine growth fractions that you pay extra money for to get the higher quality milk base protein powders with higher % of the various bioactive growth promoting factors and heat completely destroys all those bioactive factors rendering them useless. Buy the paper mag and read the whole story.