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Demystifying My Workout

[quote]aduren wrote:
Sorry for my late reply. Since this week was my de-loading oh man the bed, the doctor, and the sport massage were my favorite places to be in. Turns out I have a metatarsal fracture on my right foot, a turf toe on my left. Some old elbow injuries and a small bicep injury too. Most of them are not that bad since I did not noticed the pain, but the doctor sure noticed. Man I feel as if I am a walking ice cube with all that ice on top of me.

I like to learn I am not great on the gym but learning it will help me develop things I may not develop fast (or at all) at the dojo and my regular training. So a good attitude means faster learning! My ATP overview is ok, thanks for the compliment I wish I knew a lot on how to train it.

About the sports specific I do some swiss ball things, medicine ball (like push up, catch, send it back, back to the floor to do a push up), I stay away from ketbells since, well, I am skeptic about them. What I do I use a curl and put the weight on only one side and practice some throws, it helps a lot, and also hammers to improve my hooks. I do a lot of sport specific during my cardio. And I keep all cardio and endurance to 30 min, then 20 min and a last 15 min.

1)So is sport specific training bad?
2)Don?t kill me for asking this, but what about those jumpsoles?
3)I do like plyometrics but I’ll rather put tape on the floor instead of buying a tiny little plastic ladder for 69$. Is there any difference?
4)Now about plyometrics I am a stupid for not buying all that they sell for “plyometrics” I mean I can pretty much jump on and off on a bench rather than their fancy buckets , rung dragging my gf instead of a fancy parachute. Take a backpack and put weights on it etc etc…I mean am I not being a cheap moron and putting wallet before quality?

You answer a lot of things I was wondering, thanks. I am starting to work on my plan for the next 4 weeks. But I think I may even take a few days off of next week since my metatarsal is starting to bother me greatly, and that takes a lot from me since I have pain sprinting, sprawling, ect etc. : ( so back to the doctor and coach for me.

As I am working on my plan, I will let you know future questions. Thanks a lot for your help and I am looking forwards to out all of everyone’s advise into practice!

No, sports specific training isn’t bad. You just have to know what it really means.

Sports specific training doesn’t mean (necessarily) a bunch of swiss ball training or bosu ball crap. You can use some of that stuff for sure, but the main idea is that sport specific training is more about energy system specific and movement specific demands. It’s the principle of “what will I need to be able to do to succeed?” You focus on that and don’t worry about extra stuff. And if you’re going to use weights, sport specific training needs to be capable of sufficient loading to induce muscle and strength adaptation. The trendy stuff is crap for that.

Jumpsoles? I don’t have any experience with that, but I’d say that based on the people I’ve talked to and others with experience, they have very limited (if any) utility.

You’re fine on most of the plyo stuff. Really, maintaining a healthy skepticism about new equipment is usually a good thing. You can do most things with improvised set-ups.

Maybe some other people will chime in with some more ideas.

Also, keep this in mind concerning cardio: IMHO cardio should be focused on high intensity burst cardio focused for an active time approximately equal to your rounds in competition, followed by a rest period approximating the time in between rounds.

Obviously active times would start LESS than competitive round times and your rest intervals longer than competitive rest periods. You would gradually ratchet down your rest periods, OR ratchet up your active times.

Long endurance cardio would be limited. You would do it, but the majority of cardio would mimic (to a certain extent) the act of competition as far as intensity. That is a kind of sport-specific training.

This is just my opinion, and I’m sure other more experienced fighters will be able to give specific insights, maybe something different than my view.