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5th Graders Allegedly Had Sex In Classroom

SPEARSVILLE, La. – A teacher at Spearsville High School in Louisiana said two fifth-graders had sex on a classroom floor while two others fondled each other in the classroom.

Union Parish Superintendent Judy Mabry would say only that the allegations are being investigated. Principal Frank Futch said the incident was not indicative of how the school is run.

First-year teacher Michael Walker, who teaches fifth- through eighth-grade English, said three students were either expelled or sent to an alternative school and two others got detention.

Walker said students at the kindergarten through 12th grade school are unruly, disrespectful and rarely disciplined.

Walker said teachers learned Wednesday about the incident, which allegedly occurred during an assembly Tuesday to talk about a 15-year-old student accused of stabbing another student to death over the weekend.

He said the assembly was for sixth- through 12th-grade students. Fifth-grade students were not told about it. But one class of about 15 fifth-grade students that routinely moves from a portable building to a main building classroom during the second hour of the school day was unattended on Tuesday.

The students were alone for about 30 minutes.

School officials notified the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office this week and detectives questioned the students. Sheriff Bob Buckley said charges are likely.