Dems not Happy?

After the meeting, Rep. John M. McHugh (R-N.Y.) responded, saying: “The president’s objective to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq is one that we should pray for, plan for, and work toward. However, I remain concerned that the security situation in Iraq is fragile, and we should work to mitigate any risks to our troops and their mission.”

He continued: “I specifically raised these points with the president this evening, and he assured me that he will revisit his plan if the situation on the ground deteriorates and violence increases.”

I’d really like to know if Obama said this…

Seems like the Republicans are more encouraged by this.

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[quote]pushharder wrote:
The smart ones can’t be happy. A loss of the congressional majority in '10 is an honest to gosh viable possibility.[/quote]

I agree with this. His presidency and the complete Democratic control of government is turning out to be a nightmare for the country.

I prefer that they be voted out but the mood of the voter is starting to turn ugly. Depending on what new schemes they come up with this summer could get very interesting. High unemployment. Loss of confidence in leadership. Rising prices. Bad mix.