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Dems Mandate Use of Biodegradable Sporks

Just read that the dems imported tens of thousands of said sporks from CHINA for their convention, and that every plate of food served has to feature a red a white a blue AND a green color food. Also just read that the democratic mayor of Denver thinks that attending “Green” workshops is the “new” patriotism.

You can’t make this stuff up …

McCain can’t lose to these idiots … can he???

figures the dems would support China…whoda thunk?

If they are so environmentally sound why are they having a convention in the first place? Obama is the nominee, no need to burn all that fossil fuel to get everyone to Denver.

Bunch of hypocrites.

Actually and ironically, Hillary hates China, it’s on of the very few things I liked about her. I detested Hillary, but after seeing that tool Obama at work, if I had to pick between the two, I’d rather have Hillary. I have seldom seen somebody use so many words to say so little.

Here’s my problem with the whole “green” think other than the fact that it is based on a bunch of unproven horseshit that isn’t true. I see all this environmentalism as like cleaning the floor with a dirty mop. It may look cleaner but you are really just spreading the dirt around.

For instance, you take an electric car, where does it get it’s electricity? From the grid which strains the grid and forces the power plants to work harder in where in turn they have to pollute more. Imagine if everybody had an electric car? Take a hybrid for instance, you got this huge battery pack. When the battery pack is toast, the guts are extracted and disgarded and then the pack is recycled. You know what that expired shit in the battery is? Toxic waste, highly toxic waste. Don’t believe me? Put that shit in you drinking water and see how you feel.