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Demonoid Invitation?


I was looking at demonoid and it isn't possible to join without an invite. If someone would PM me one I would be grateful!


I will see what I can do.


yea i also tried on the 1st of the month like it used to say to become a member but no such look. i'd much appreciate an invitation code too off some one :slight_smile:
and i'l see what i have on offer to return the favour


A tub of Surge??eheheh, ahah, I'll give you one in a week if you remind me, don't want to be santa here :-p.



The way I got a demonoid membership was to bookmark the site and visit it every time I checked my email or T-Nation.

...do you guys ever feel bad for dl'ing some of the weightlifting literature without supporting the cause though?



Has most of the stuff Demonoid has, is moderated for quality, and has a wide range of media. Is there another reason people try to get a Demonoid invite that I'm not aware of?


also demenoid seems to have blocked canadian IPS


I was going to make a Canada joke but, uhh . . . boobs.


Could someone PM me an invite as well? I check whenever I remember but the registration always seems to be closed.


Thanks John S. and everyone else that replied via PM and forum post.

I'm all set now.


Did anyone notice that Demonoid is down? That really sucks.


Was just about to post that too, Demonoid is down, now to find another torrent site.


If demonoid is working again, can someone PM me an invite? Thanks.


whats so special about demonoid? i use piratebay and for rare torrents isohunt


Anybody still have one?


PM me for invite codes, I have a couple.


eztv.it - for tv eps

Remember to use PeerGuardian :wink:


Anyone have more invite codes? Thanks in advance.


check your messages


Oh man, I just asked a few friends last night about an invite code.

I'd love one if there are any available! Thanks.