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DemonBell kettlebells


kettlebells with a little more attitude.



I saw these the other day too:


But, really, how much disposable income does one need to spend it on designer kettlebell? I agree they look cool, especially the demonbells, and I kind of want one, but I would need to win the lottery before I ever threw down and bought one.


To me, that is some of the dumbest shit I have seen. Who would pay for that?


They make me think of Crocs if they had KISS album covers on them.


Decorating a kettlebell still doesn't make it a badass piece of equipment when it's just an archaic hunk of iron.

Like my dad used to say, "you can't polish a turd".


Well you can but why would you?

Still waiting on Edgy's response to this, I actually posted it in G+ just for him. :slight_smile:



On average, they're about 10 bucks more than a comparably sized KB at a good place like dragondoor.

For people in kettlebell competitions, I guess it's a cool way to add a little flava. I wouldn't do it, but then I also wouldn't get some custom bowling ball.

I might feel differently if I competed in either sport (sport?).

For the average trainee, If it makes you feel like a badass when you're training, it's no different than wearing your favorite lifting shirt, under armor, etc. It costs a bit of extra money but makes you feel cool.

Thumbs up from me. Enjoy your demonbells.


They would make really cool door stops?

Halloween props for the front door.

Awesome Gravestone


They must have wanted to beat Rogue Fitness to the punch.

This has Crossfitter money written all over it.

Those people will overpay for EVERYTHING.


Crossfitters are the dirty hipsters of the strength training world.


this - nasty dirty hipsters.

Kettlebells are not of this world - all are advised to stay away, or suffer the wrath of the weightlifting Gods~


Edgy...why are you being so dramatic? why so much hate towards the kettlebells? what did they ever do to you?


Oh...i don't know....mebbe cause they turned whole populations into the flesh eating undead~

is that enuf for you? hmmm?


so dramatic.....


AND - Kettelbells are responsible for depositing the millions of gingers in the world, and helping them to infiltrate the normies for the performance of pure evil on this earth.





Edgy, I tried my hardest to find a ginger with a kettlebell.....no luck.



Your GoogleFu is strong.....