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Demographic Winter

Checked the Crunchy Con site earlier today, and Rod was talking about this documentary “Demographic Winter.” Since the decline of birthrates has come up here(specifically in the West, even more specifically in Europe) I figured I’d share the official site for the film. Check out the trailer and the FAQs page. Any thoughts? Debunking? What about the argument that the breakup of the traditional family, and a single wage earner, has gutted our prosperity?

Anyways, pretty slick looking site and trailer. The documentary itself has to be purchased, but I thought the trailer and FAQ alone may appreciated by some on the board.

If it’s not one thing it’s another. It wasn’t long ago that “they” were screaming about the over population of the world. The need for zero population growth.

One would naturally assume there would have to been a very large drop in the population growth in order to reach zero population growth.

Carl Malthess (hope I spelled that right) wrote over a hundred years ago about the “Human Predicament”. There he stated that the passion between the sexes has never diminished. I guess he never conceived the idea of birth control. Maybe instead of a Human predicament due to over population the next one will be because of a diminished population. That should be rather interesting I am planning to be around at about that time. So now I have something else to look forward to.

All though I doubt the problem will occur. Government will just offer incentives and/or penalties to those who are married without children.

One can’t really blame people for not having kids then one looks at the state of affairs in the world. Drugs, gangs, terrorists, poor education systems, declining health care, 80% of the wealth in the hands of 5% of the population, not a real pretty picture to say the least.

Things could be worse, lets hope not. There is also the lack of family values. As more and more single parent families emerge. The constant need for instant self gradification. The world has become a very complex place to live. The future is very uncertain and that really has an affect on the population as a whole. The next couple of decades should prove to be very interesting in deed.