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Democrats Vote Wednesday?


I can't attest to the veracity of this, but it was an email so I'm inclined to believe it's true:

Presidential Election Announcement

Due to an anticipated voter turnout much larger than originally expected, the polling facilities may not be able to handle the load all at once. Therefore, Republicans and Independents are requested to vote on Tuesday, November 4.

The Democrats will vote on Wednesday, November 5.

Please pass this message along and help us to make sure that nobody gets left out and everything will run smoothly with this minor change.

Be sure to vote!!! Know where your voting place is near you!!

Best Regards,

Rex Cannon, Media Director- 2008 Presidential Election Commission


You would hope that when someone recycles something from eight years ago, they'd at least have the sense to check the dates.

But yes, it's actually true. Republicans vote on November 7 this year.


Forwarded email = 100% fact 100% of the time.


I have yet to receive a bogus one. But if it does turn out to be phony, and Obama loses.......well his lawyers need to take note.


In VA these e-mails have made the rounds, a friend of mine got one. Also, apparently, there have been hard copies delivered to some parts of Alexandria (and perhaps elsewhere).

Pretty sad when people are trying to disenfranchise others.


Nah, this is an experimental "voter test," which tests whether the prospective voter possesses the requisite intelligence for the sovereign franchise.

Essentially, if one is dumb enough to believe that members of his party vote after election day, then they probably shouldn't be voting in the first place.


I'm not worried because when BO's in office he'll work with congress to outlaw such disenfranching emails.


Please remember this when you vote Wednesday.


I already cast my 3026 absentee ballots!


oh man the republicans are really getting desperate now...