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Democrats Aren't Serious


A Super Offer Rejected
Republicans bid $500 billion in new revenues. Democrats want more.

"Despite the modest spending cuts, the deal Mr. Toomey describes would be a big political win for all concerned. It would give the economy a major lift by taking the tax increase now scheduled for 2013 off the table, and it would show that Congress can at least make some progress toward controlling federal spending. With a ratio of $1.50 in spending cuts to $1 in tax increases, the offer is far better for Democrats than the $3 to $1 ratio that President Obama's own Simpson-Bowles deficit commission recommended."


And keep in mind, this is still chump change in the long run.


This is like the 15 stalled bills based on Obama's "pass this bill now" plan, the Dems in office want to make it seem like the Repubs aren't doing anything because it's Obama. They did the same thing when Obama was starting healthcare reform, he met with Repubs who gave him ideas he didn't want to listen so he went out and lied and started the "Party of no" bs. Sadly the media won't report this either and I will have to listen to more tired slogans about conseritives




Obama Cuts $4 Billion....

....Then Uses It Elsewhere


And hey, let's not pretend there won't be pressure to help bail out the Eurozone as the storm clouds over there keep rolling in. So, most likely, another couple hundred billion on the tab?


This is huge. The fact that this proposal has a more generous cut/raise ratio than Bowles-Simpson is enormous, and the fact that it is proactive - i.e., the GOP has doen the work to put this together - makes the Democrats on the panel look like the obstructionists.

I see the urban Democrats' endgame here - as the WSJ notes, they apparently believe the American people are ready for wholesale class warfare. It's also going to be a naked appeal to the base - no sense in fooling with indeoendents, who left a long time ago.


The ball is firmly in the Democrats' court now. As you say, this is much more generous to their position than what Obama's own panel advised. The media should be running with this story, and it is the Democrats who SHOULD now be feeling the heat for rank 'partisanship.' But that would be too much to ask, of course.


The Repubs function in the Matrix is to nakedly serve the rich; the Demos function is to PRETEND to oppose/resist that. Look up "Game Theory".