democrats Are Bad People

Has anyone else noticed the debacle in Florida? In case you haven’t, let me sum up. The governor’s race between McBride and Reno has been plagued with “irregularities.” The same counties that had “trouble” in the presidential race of 2000 are involved. However, this time, the primary is totally democratic. This was a closed primary where only registered democrats could vote.
What an absolute joke! The democrats have been whining for two years about how the Bush’s “stole” the election. Now, there is a democratic primary plagued with problems and all they can do is point fingers at Governor Bush and the Republicans.

This highlights several aspects of democratic behavior. First, democrats would rather blame someone else than take responsibility for their own actions. Second, democrats are extremely poor and vindictive losers. Reno had been threatening to call for a recount. Instead of admitting defeat, democrats like Gore and Reno would rather soak up taxpayer’s money and waste valuable time. In the democrat’s mind, this will not only insure that you continue to get more press, but you will limit the time your opponent has for preparation for his/her administration. Finally, the fact that the same counties have the same complaints gives one a clear indication that the democratic “base” needs some basic lessons in civics. My god, how freakin hard is it to figure out a ballot?!? Especially after all of the fuss of the year 2000. Wouldn’t you be embarassed to go on television and admit that you couldn’t figure out a ballot? Worse, that you couldn’t figure out the ballot AFTER seeing it broadcast over and over in 2000. Finally, if you are serious about voting, don’t rent out bars to do your voting. The democrats in Florida apparently rented a bar and had the audacity to complain because it didn’t go smoothly.

All of this leads to one inevitable conclusion, democrats are bad people.

Well, at least your spelling was accurate. Can’t say as much for the faulty logic.

Democrats aren’t bad people. I find them to be passionatly idealistic, and without any sense of reality. They support their party wholeheartedly and never admit they lost fairly.(Sounds kind of like Cubs fans too). Maybe that new fangled touch screen voting system is just too complicated for them. That doesn’t make them bad people.

I just think they are stupid. They deserve people like Janet Reno in the party…I bet you she will win over the Cuban vote in Fla!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just moved to Florida. What a joke. If you listened to the national news in 2000, there were so many “suspicious” Republican activities reported on that it must have been a Republican conspiracy. Well, this last one was all registered democrats in this primary, and what do you know? Only exclusively the same democratic counties had problems (again). Now the democrats will try to blame it on Bush, even though the problem is clearly to blame on the county governments (remember 2000? Individual voting processes in each county are independent in Florida? So people in Seminole County vote on paper, those in Broward on a touch screen, etc.) What a fucking joke. Can’t wait for Jeb’s victory this fall, let’s see who the dems blame for that. Maybe they’ll take a page out of Cynthia McKinney’s recent racist diatribe – “The Jews made me lose.”

I didn’t know the fascist took over t-mag?!?

Fascist? You shouldn’t throw aroung words that you don’t understand. Name calling is the last resort of a defeated debater. You did it in your first response. Congrats.

Weezer, you definetly sound like a democrat. You know why? You just throw out comments without any specific evidence. You rely on emotionalism. I think of the democratic platform like a bunch of beach balls. They are large and colorful, but, ultimately full of hot air. For example, “We want more teachers and police?” Well, no shit. However, if a Republican demands that we have the funds to pay for it, he/she is labeled as “Anti-education” or “Anti-police.” What a crock. Republicans realize that you must plan ahead. You can’t just enact 100,000 more police without having the funds. The democrat will just raise taxes to cover his/her myopia. It is called responsible spending. Remember the balanced budget amendement? That was a 1995 Republican platform issue. The Republican Congress was responsible for that legislation. They deserve ALL the credit for giving the Federal government it’s first balanced budget in 50 years. They are also chiefly responsible for the budget surpluses that idiots like clinton and gephardt take credit for. Let me make this very clear: NO BALANCED BUDGET, NO SURPLUS. Clinton was resonsible for the largest non-wartime increases in taxes EVER. What would have happened to the surplus money without that amendement? Even a democrat could figure that one out. Now the bad people we know as democrats have the audacity to criticise Bush for having “Lost” the surplus. Another democratic beach ball. No reality, just colorful and full of hot air. President Bush’s tax cuts may have ultimately been responsible for slowing and reversing the recession that started during billy boy’s last three quarters. Not to mention that we are in the midst of war. Our markets have had to absorb the worst terrorist attacks ever.
Tinckt, who are the facists on this forum?
Elegua, I assume that you are a democrat. I would love to debate you on any subject.

You couldn’t be more wrong about the Cuban vote. Cubans usually vote Republican. Also, most Cubans hate Janet Reno because of the way she handled the Elian Gonzales case. NycMan

I’m a democrat. So I’m a bad person huh? Funny,I don’t act anything like the original post described.

I'm sick of hearing all of the republicans bash Clinton. I guess every president should strive to be just like Georgie Boy. He and his family are all just model citizens aren't they?Honostly, I would think this country could have done little better than Gore and G.W. as our main candidates. I guess I was wrong.

Hmmm. I am surprised that YOU of all people would inject even more faulty logic into this thread. Just because I note that a broad generalization is unwarranted, you automatically believe that I am defending the Democrats because I am overtaken with “emotion.”

To me I see very little value in trying to defend the practices of either political party. I was simply pointing out a false statement.

The thing that I find objectionable is hypocrisy. Speaking of which: If I were you I would DEFINITELY spell check my posts. PEACE, or Piece (depending on who’s doing the spelling).

I think anyone who follows blindly the rhetoric spewed by EITHER party is rather ahem dumb.

I believe that some of what the Democrats have done has been good. And I believe that some of what the Republicans have done has been good. I also believe that NOT all politicians are bad, and so on. As a whole, we the people are partly to blame about many of the failings of the "system". I also believe people who believe that a entire party or anyone who votes along the lines of that party as "dumb" to be rather "dumb" themselves.

I’m with you.

Congrats on your elevated sense of moral and intellectual superiority over people on this board.

I was being sarcastic…I really hope it came accross that way. I am pretty sure the cubans would like to turn Janet Reno’s pussy into a wind tunnel.

I think anybody who does not think like I do is dumb.

All right, democrats. Let’s debate. Please. Take any of the points made by the good people (Republicans) and try and debate them. Billy boy has been and will continue to be reviled for the reprobate that he is. PLEASE assert that he is anything but an immoral, duplicitous democrat. Please try to point to ANY triumphs during his administration. I can’t wait for your replies.

Pat, I apologize for not understanding the sarcastic tone of your post. When I read it, I was very tired. Mea culpa. NycMan

Congratulations, your spelling now meets the high standards set on this board. I notice that you failed to address that particular point in your post…

No, Democrats are not bad people. At least not the everyday U.S. citizen who condisers themselves a Democrat. Many politicians who are Democrat have very extreme-left views that are not in line with the everyday citizen registered “D”. Take Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and Diane Feinstein as prime examples. They are very close to being Socialists. However, there are quite a few Republican politicians with extreme-right views that are not consistent with the bulk of citizens registered “R”. So it goes both ways. I consider myself Republican because I espouse most of their viewpoints and positions. However, I think the Republican party lacks a bit in their desire to help the poor and needy; the social aspect. This comes from R’s feeling a need to support big business, tax cuts, and elimination or spending reducion of many social programs (some wasteful but some of which actually do benefit society). Just goes to show why every citizen should think independently and develop their views based on their own research and critical thinking.