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I don't think I've ever been prouder to be an American. Another change of power with no violence. A change so drastic that in some countries it'd be considered a coup d-etat.

We sure have grown up alot. Thanks everyone.

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I agree, however the only caveat to that, is that if he had not won, you know their would have been a lot of violence and riotes in numerous cities across the country.


Why would people riot about losing an election? the only way people would even show that much emotion is if they pulled some "recount" bullshit where the decision was questionable.

This election wasn't even close.


The way people talk around here..you would think there would be riots because he won...or lynchings for some.


They are claiming he is their "enemy" yet they also accuse the other side of "possible riots"?

I would be more worried about the people claiming the US president is an enemy than I would some prediction of a riot that never happened.


yet the "other side" is speaking in ways that they usually deem "unpatriotic"..."un-American for others. They're sounding like the terrorists they "know" will take over our country because of Obama. This country is overrun with fear mongers.


If you call a US president an "ENEMY" you are a terrorist.

That's how they called it for years so why change it now?


One of my student's dad owns a store in Cleveland. Three businesses right by him were looted and burned. The dad sat in his store all night, with a gun.

Welcome to Obamaland...the rule of the unthinking mob, the rule of those who vote yet are immune to facts, as long as they get 'change'.

I suspect the change they'll get very soon is coins while begging.


Socialism and hate is the enemy. Nobody called Barack the enemy. His socialistic policies and his shady friends who say they wished they had BOMBED more, and the God #(#* America church that spewed hate toward the USA are definate enemies.

20 years of hatefull and racial sermons battered into Obamas head scares the hell out of me. His idea of a National Civilian Security force to monitor the "People" sounds a lot like the Gestapo or SS to me.

Ask not what you can do for your country....ask what your country can do for YOU!!!! This is the Barack Theme so many were duped by. We will see.


It WAS a coup-d'tat...Obama got hundreds of millions from our 'vandals within' (Lincoln) and those without. Why do you think he refused public financing? He and his fellow satanists bought the election, from a bunch of people who have no thought of country...only of a magic genie who'll toss them treats from the public treasure box.


Tiribulus just called Obama the enemy. You thought I just pulled that from nowhere?


Only thing you said of substance.


And of course hurricanes and tornadoes will be Obama's fault,too...so how's the move to Colorado coming along!?


I missed that, but we are all entitled to opinions.


So you don't think that I, nor anyone else should worry about the racial rhetoric Barack has listened to for years? My view about this has no substance? Interesting.


why wasn't this evident before?...look around.


Oh,I'm sorry. I meant "we will see" is the closest thing to reality that is evident in that post of yours. Oh..and I've been hearing racial rhetoric all my life...and it wasn't from my black church....and it wasn't from something I watched on the internet.


He only has a 54 to 46 majority in the Senate, so the Reps can filibuster any truly insane programs he comes up with. The destruction can be limited, unlike Carter who had 60 and FDR, who had 68, in 1937-1939.

A lot of libs have moved to Colorado :frowning: . I couldn't get a good price now for our vacation home, but I wish it was in Wyoming.


But, racism is DEAD.


Why? I have no idea why. but the hard core obama supporters were telling us they would riot if he lost . . . with the blind obedience that has been demonstrated by a few (not the majority but a few) in my community I have no reason to doubt that they would have carried out this threat.

Not that this really matters now either, but there were also several stories in the news concerning the preperations that various police dept. around the nation were going through to prepare for riots should obama lose as well.