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Demo Test Powder?

Am I missing something here? This is a medical supply company and one of the things they have, apparently, is test cyp powder for study purposes. They provide things to practice with if you’re learning to be a pharmacist, etc. I’m gonna post a pic. You tell me if this is 100g test cyp powder or something else that I’m not understanding?

The site says it is simulated (maybe meaning its meant to react like test but is not actually test?) and not for human use. I wouldn’t gamble with it. Just my 2 cents

Hmm I see what you’re saying but it’s super strange to me that they would call it testosterone cypionate. And not something simpler like a “Simulated Cypionate Ester”… I dunno. I actually emailed them, let’s see what they say…

That’s not what they call it. They call it Testosteron Cypionat.

It’s not real and they blatantly state so in their FAQ, which is the only reason I allowed this thread, since we don’t allow “is this site/gear/source legit?” questions.

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Gotcha. I just came here after Googling around and yeah I suppose the chemical properties are the same for dissolving it, etc. but that’s it. It’s a little strange actually.