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demo dick thread/ on newbie and begginers to T-mag

Chris Shugart is there anyway to bring back a thread that Demo Dick wrote on newbies and begginers to T-mag? I think that thread needs to be put up again… To help some of these newbies out… I can’t seem to find it in the search engines. Heck I don’t even remember what it was called. I just remember it was a great thread and I think it needs to be revisited again and may place it up top for a while…

By the way I think that thread was written by Demo Dick or it could have been DocT… But I am pretty sure it was Demo Dick… Thanks

You mean Shrugs?

Hey, I know! First, try a search. Second, if you have a direct question for Chris, try e-mail.

Ok, I’ll be nice.

Here you go - it just took a little searching.

I did the search on it John Roman… Anyways I think Shrugs put it up anways… I couldn’t find it. Anyways it was put up I hope some newbies will read it and let sink in to them…

thanks shrugs I guess it was your doing. Or was it Jason… Either way I thought that this thread should have been Re-visted…