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Demian Maia Unlucky or Exposed?


Demian maia gets KO'd in the 1st 20sec against nate marquardt. This guys BJJ is the best in the game. Just goes to show how well rounded you have to be now. Nate might give anderson run for money. Maia need basic boxing coach and he should do ok.


Maia has a good basic boxing coach. He just got caught. Shame because I was looking forward to seeing the two go for it grappling however it made a great highlight reel KO.


He goes 11-0 and suddenly he needs to be really well rounded he lost to a top five fighter he'll be back. He got caught it happens when you don't put your hands up.


I like Marquardt but we've seen how he fared against Silva. And as much as he's said "I'm not the same fighter", I still think that that gap's a little too big to bridge. Oh, and Maia got caught. If Crocop can get Crocop'd anything can happen.


Maia wasn't exposed or unlucky. He just lost to a superior, more well-rounded fighter in the area that he was weakest. Even if the fight had lasted longer, it probably would have ended in similar fashion. It's time for Maia vs Bisping.


yea he def needs to keep his hands up. the 1st kick he threw was shocking aswell. I duno wanderli seems to his sidekick, mayb he trying to teach maia his brawling skills. maia need a master solid 12 clinch without gettin caught. dont think many ppl are gona be scared of maia now


You can't say that, up to this point everyine Maia has faced except Sonnen was techincally more well rouned than him.


The point is that there is no argument whether or not he was better than the people he already beat, the point is can he hang with top level guys? Marquardt is just the bottom of that tier of top level guys.


Bad game plan, very hard to construe anything else from that quick loss for me.


I sort of get what you are saying, but to ask if Maia was exposed when he hadn't fought a top level fighter yet is a little silly. And Nate IS a top tier 185er along with Rich and Hendo. I actually think that Nate would beat Rich and Hendo if they fought today. Nate was the worst possible matchup for Maia out of the those three, and yes Maia could probably hang with Hendo and Rich.


no way really?

based on your vast stand up knowledge and experience yeah?

i don't even know where to start with this idiocy

anyone who isn't "scared" of an opponent because of one loss, let alone the best BJJ player in his weight class, in the entire fucking world, is a complete and utter moron


Shit happens. Really that's all you can say. Flash KO's happen all the time in MMA, it just so happened that Maia was on the receiving end and it was super-early in the fight.


I agree. Just too agressive, should have been cautious in the standup and let if fly on the ground. He probably underestimated Nate.


no shit shithead! i was agreeing with the last post!

well any1 dumb fuk apart from u wouldve seen it was a shit kick!..and yea ive done muay thai enough to know what a good leg kick looks like. Its not fukin rocket science

wanderlei is in his corner every fight. if you cant see his striking (even in past fights) is similar wanderlei's brawling without the power ur a blind fukin idiot!

Now that maia has been Ko'd..most middleweights wont think twice about fighting maia where as before he was serious threat. The fact he couldnt finish Mcdonald from the mount with strikes says everything about maia striking ability.


He was exposed. Marquardt said he was telegraphing his kicks. Afther throwing the third (i think) consecutive telegraphed kick, Marquardt timeed it and popped him. Seems pretty clear that his striking was exposed.

This probably doesn't mean much for future fights, as I am sure he is continuing to work on his striking and will fix what went wrong.