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Demi Moore Raw

OK. Total Babe. I like the way she manages her career and general image too (brains included approach, a la Shania Twain). But look at this gem! Seems Hollywood has found the formula to get the whole dieting industry bankrupt. Behold, the T-Community is in danger! Supplements, training and dieting are out! Yeah, right…LOL!

(From the Access Hollywood Website)

“It’s the diet everyone is looking for and doesn’t realize even exists,” revealed Demi’s diet guru Juliano. “You can eat cake pudding and pie, not work out and just like hang out and be lazy all day and get ripped.”

Chef to the stars Juliano is the gourmet genius who has created a diet that he claims has taken years off Demi’s appearance and inches off her waist. So just how does he do it? It’s attributed to the in-the-raw diet that he serves up. Unbelievably, nothing on his menu has ever been cooked.

“You eat less, you have more energy, you live longer and you never have to go to the doctor and dentist,” Juliano told Access.

Demi’s diet rules out meat and dairy and consists of mainly vegetables, seeds and nuts. When Juliano is not working as a $1,000 per-day private chef for Demi, you’ll find him preparing bread-less, cheese-less pizzas at his “raw” restaurant in Santa Monica. A hot spot for figure- conscious celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Daryl Hannah and Alicia Silverstone.

(End quote. Gotta start learning to do them italics, huh?)

I guess Aajonus Vonderplanitz must be crying by now with this better-kicking-ass lite version of his raw diet program. And how REALLY raw is cake pudding and pie anyway? Or if it is not, indeed, cooked, how can you call it that way? Wow! Hollywood…land of the oxymorons…or would that be land of the science so advanced and abstract that it makes no sense unless you can see the light too?

Rumor has it that Demi got 30-40k worth of plastic surgery to look good for the Charlie’s Angels movie. She’s more plastic that human now. Now sure if it would matter what she ate.

Also, back in the GI Jane and MM2k days, she worked with Bill Phillips who reportedly had her on buttloads of drugs - clen, thyroid, stuff like that. T-mag hinted about this a couple of years ago.

TEK: I would not be surprised at all, trust Hollywood to be 100% full disclosure on anything behind the image…better yet, I expect them to give bad (dis) information…helps to maintain myths. Image sells far more than truth, but nothing wrong wrapping it with some controversy to potentiate media coverage, eh? ;0)

I don’t care what she eats or what she takes…I’d still hit it! She is awesome.

While she has been successful in the “look good nekkid” goal, she doesn’t look strong and healthy.

Plastic surgery or raw diet, she has a weak and fragile although lean look.

Not envious, just not the look I want. Anything that the media reports happening in Hollyweird has to be questioned.

Would like to give Demi kudos for snagging a young pretty boy to keep her warm at night. Again, not my type…but good for her!!

IRON MAIDEN: Personnally, I think it’s that Ashton guy who must be thanking God (and certainly not given Kudos) for his situation.

Demi Moore could probably bed legions of guys just by snapping her fingers and arriving with an ‘open for business’ sign. No surprise there. I don’t recall seeing the same level of bed-willingness from the female crowd for her Dude Where’s My Car boyfriend here.

Ashton has his fans. Read Savage Love. :slight_smile:

I’m proud of the boy. I’m 8 years younger than my wife, and I love having snagged an older woman.

I would still drink her bath water.

Ashton’s kind of a dork. He needs to cut his fucking hair. Demi could do a lot better than him.

Read: I’m insanely jealous of Mr. Kutcher because he’s boning that incredible piece of ass.

Demi does look fragile…

She used to have hips, and a great chest. Now she looks like a gust of wind could blow her away. Why do women do this to themselves?

They can take all that effort and discipline and get in the gym and make a strong sexy body, but nooooo, Hollywood wants little waifs and pixies.

I saw a piece on the “raw food dude” from Santa Monica and it was laughable. He didn’t look in shape, he looked skinny, and hungry…


JaredNFS: On this “older woman” thing… How much older does a woman have to be before she’s considered “older”? Is it really such an incredibly cool thing to snag an “older woman”?

Just curious if that was the motivation behind the group of 23-26 year olds that were completely enamored with my girlfriend and myself last time we went out. It was kinda weird. They had a group of chickies their own age with them and while goofing off with them, none seemed to be trying to hook up with any of them. And I find it doubtful that they were all confirmed platonic friends since the chicks were throwing the dirtiest looks in our directions - as if we’d “taken” their boys.

I had reported some time ago that the approximate amount of $$ Demi spent to get herself “in shape” for this flick was about $36,000. That included the chef, “deflating” the breast implants, orthodontic work, liposuction and a personal trainer.

But really, ya look at those chicks in this flick, the only one that has any semblance of female form is Barrymore. It’s like Hollywood has become the new Ethiopia.

Humm…who can be sure he’s boning her at start? Could be all for double-time press coverage. Hard to prove, specially when it’s brand new and nobody has had time to get paparazzi stuff.

Sort of like when a girlfriend of yours wants to have Horny Joe Blow X dust off and she asks you to go dance with her ‘as if’ you were indeed the current boyfriend. Unless Horny Joe Blow X knows all on every party involved, he’ll most likely believe what he sees and go bother someone else.

Demi and Ashton could be pulling that stunt just for publicity. True or not, it works. The press coverage is there. Clever.

KARMA: Humm…older women = experience and no time to fool around. You don’t have to educate that woman. She’s been there, done that, knows herself (generally) very much and, for a 23 year old kid, will most likely blow his socks off 10 times what the current young (sex-shy) girlfriend could ever imagine. In short, the arsenal is bigger. Again, no garanties, exceptions exist, but that’s the fantasy of expectations at work.

~karma~ - I’ve always been turned on by age differences. I guess it’s just the societal taboo of it. On a side note, I’ve always been more nervous around women the closer they are to my age. Older or younger, and I’m completely relaxed.

Anyway, to quantify “older”…hmmm. It’s definitely relative to your age. Basically, if you’re a guy, and you’re dating a woman who is older than you, and you both get grief from your friends (cradle robber, sugar momma, etc.), then that qualifies. But I can’t really say 5 years, 10 years, or whatever.

With my wife, the “what I was doing when you were doing such and such” game is fun (for me :), so that’s part of it. If we were both learning to drive at the same time, you’re pretty much in my age bracket. But if I was learning my mulitplication tables while you were looking at which college to get into, that’s an age difference.

I think it’s much sexier for a woman who’s 40 to look awesome than a woman who’s 20. It shows that it’s not just makeup and the metabolism of a young body, but a serious beauty who knows how to take care of herself. Being young and beautiful, while nice, isn’t impressive to me. A lot of those cute girls from high school and college don’t stay that way.


I’ve found that it doesn’t matter whether the chicks want to bed the guys or not. It seems to me that many (don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all) chicks these days want to be the center of attention. If you take the spotlight from them then you get the dirty looks.


PATRICIA: Reminds me the iron brotherhood’s view on posterboys:


It raises the bar so high that everybody who does not fully know his/her limits and unique nature will be complexed and go to rush out to buy product X or train in Y stile or join Z clique IN HOPE OF getting there. Image sells.

Personnally, I’d prefer to be the surgeon or (legal) product seller : you don’t finish as a casualty of whatever trend Hollyweird throws up. Instead, you nicely cash in on it in the shadows.

Just to give you an idea, a girl I know has had implants and told me that that day only 4 people total were scheduled for implants surgery. She asked the receptionist if this was exceptional and got answered that this is a standard business day. And that’s only one surgeon’s office.

Yep, the unattainable image tactic works very very well.

Older women are more stable, more intelligent, and less dramatic. Presumably. They’re very cool.

Besides, ~k~, I can say with some certainty that those dudes were looking at you because, basically, you’re very attractive. Might’ve just been that you’re prettier than the girls they were hanging out with.

DAN C - the first time I heard about Demi and Ashton is that they were all over each other at some party, really needing to hear, “Get a room!”

i thought that Demi was reported to have worked her ass off for that role for GI Jane…like actual gym work. i dunno…who the heck knows what they do to themselves…maybe loads of surgery, maybe they do nothing. :wink:

i agree Drew Barrymore has a great classic shape. she’s not dime a dozen waif material that’s all over hollywood.

but yes Demi is still hot…but i think Ashton is a total dork. compared to Bruce Willis the kid is a pansy poser.

I thought this thread was supposed to be more about that kook and his raw food diet. So I apologize for this non-hijack. This is taken from the review of his restaurant, which I will unfortunately NOT be visiting.

""Hearty faux meatloaf, made from a dehydrated walnut-veggie mix, is served with strained cauliflower “mashed potatoes” and date-miso gravy–a delicious raw version of the comfort food classic. “”

And this is the best photo of him available on the web. Now, if that’s sexy, then I’m going to go strangle myself with floss.
And then, for Patrician’s sake, hire a stripper.