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Demanding, Effective Ab Exercises?


im a gymnast who have been training for about 5 years now doing bodyweight exercises only, like l-sit, front lever, back lever, iron cross, 90 degree pushups, human flag, one-arm pushups, one-arm chinups and planche. im 180cm high and weigh about 86kg with 6% bodyfat.

exepct from the l-sit i havent really done any direct ab work. as you can see on my pic in the avatar i already have decent abs but i want them to get the even bigger. want them really big.. i mean huge. i dont want to use weights, so could any of you recommend some ab exercises that is very demanding and effective which dont require the use of external load (weights)?



why would you want really huge abs? appears to have a great physique, but has the thought processes of an 09er


Adaptation is proportionate to intensity. That being said, with doing only bodyweight exercises, you're restricted to high volume and lower levels of load. If you want to get your abs larger, the easiest way would be to add resistance via weights. Sorry, I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear, but that's my opinion.


what is a 90 degree pushup?




Here's a video of them 90 degree pushups.

edit: Beaten to it. Exact same video too lol


Dragon flags, I did them this morning and they rock. Like the below example, but have everything from shoulder blades down off the bench when at parallel. Hold at parallel for a couple seconds on each rep if you can:



looks hard. nice! have you delevoped nice abs from doing it?



I've been happy with the results. I only work abs 6 sets/week, but this is one of my favorite exercises when I do.


full contact twist, enough said

it is very wicked


I also would like huge abs, So I can look like a spartan from the movie...

Any clue about the best kind of training for ab hypertrophy?


Jesus Bodybuilding Christ...


finally someone with some sense in this thread. fuck sakes, it took that long!


Any type of Zercher squat/ lift will kill your abs.
Also, Russian Twists.


I've done lots of ab work over the years, and frankly, nothing leaves my abs sore as bad as hanging leg ups. I use the pullup handles that are perpendicular to the machine, pull yourself up till your elbows are about 90 degrees.

then just lift your legs up, bent knee at first, till you're strong enough to do straight legs, hold the last rep at the top and count to 10, slowly. This is good for overall core strength, as your lower back is very involved in stabilization.


Weights are exactly what you need for bigger abs (not that you need them), why are you so against them?


'bout fucking time someone said that. I would have gone with 'Shut the fuck up' but hey, it's cool anyway :slight_smile:


The pic posted itself. Don't blame me.


thanks :slight_smile: