Delts vs Quads - Needle Length?

I’m still a new, and I’ve googled images of the VG muscle and it’s probably straightforward once you get the hang of it.

I’m on the heavy side and my ass doesn’t quite have the definition to figure out which muscle is which. Once I figure it out thou, probably the place to go.

Aspirating won’t help. Poking through a vein is entirely different then being in one, and aspirating when not in a vein will do either nothing, or cause tissue damage if you pull too hard.

Never tried lats before. Might give it a whirl.

I did my first cycle. Never bother with it now.

I don’t disagree at all. I don’t bother aspirating because while I’m not “lean” I’m certainly not big either. No argument whatsoever that it would take a really bad luck poke with even a 1/2" needle. But it’s a possibility guys oughta be aware of in the unlikely event it happens.

Same here, all body fat is in midsection, arms and legs are not carrying hardly any fat.

I asked this a few weeks ago but it got sidetracked to aspirate vs don’t aspirate. So here we go again.

What is the typical needle length for quad IM injections?

I’m not lean. Think overweight middle aged dad bod.

1 inch is fine for most. I use 1/2", some guys feel the need to use 1 1/2", kind of depends on you.

I can buy a 5/8" 25G 1mL needle/syringe combo. If I want to do 5/8 in my delts and 1" in my quads I’ll have to get two different combos.

Just fine-tuning my shopping list.

I use 25ga 5/8" usually (went to 27ga this time but will go back to 25ga as i don’t find the extra time it takes to draw through a 27ga worth it).
I rotate through delts and pecs, but i seem to be the only one injecting in pec

Tried pecs, wasn’t a fan. But I can see how it would be good for some guys, especially if you’re leaner and don’t carry fat right there the way some of us do.

I used 27g 1/2" insulin syringe for delts but switched to quads a few months ago and now use 25g 1 1/2" Luer Lock. I don’t have any issue with quads except for test prop which is painful post inj.

Probably a bit long for me. My quads are average sized and my fat layer is probably a half inch. I’ll stick with 1" on the quads for now.

Thats what I use. 1" 25gauge all the way in and its painless for cyp. Prop on the other hand hurts like a bitch.

Not to highjack tht OP but I have tried 25ga x 1.5" inserted about a half way in the quad and developed a few round bumps that have been there for a few months. Any suggestions?

I just think the deeper the better. 1/2" into muscle isn’t deep enough IMO.

I would say you didn’t get it IM somehow. Bury that thing and the bumps are unlikely with future shots. Or, maybe it’s just you and quads are a bad idea for you.

It only happened two out of the ten or so times I’ve done it so maybe jest not deep enough.
I’m going to be starting and eod pinning so would def like more locations than just glutes. Haven’t tried delta yet. A little afraid. Thanks for the response.

Deltd are painless, just try and hit some meat.

27ga/1” good? Bury it?

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Yes that should work. Massage the crap out of those bumps you get.