Delts vs Quads - Needle Length?

I’m now administering my own injections. Dr. Gave me 1" 25G needles for my quads. I’m thinking of rotating the delts too.

What’s a good needle length for delts? Same?


For those areas I use a 1” needle with the protective needle cap it comes with cut in half and installed back on the needle. Keeps from going too deep. Ultimately it will depends on your leanness, or lack there of.

Yup! May only insert 3/4 of the way but that’s fine too for delts

For delts you can use 5/8 or if you’re lean enough 1/2. For quads you can use 0” because pinning quads is for people that hate themselves and/or enjoy needlessly painful endeavors.

I pin quads virtually every week, no pain, no problem. You must be a sensitive guy. :grin:


Out of curiosity, what happens if you inject but don’t actually reach the muscle?
How would you even know if that happens?

I would pin my eyeballs before I’d do quads again.

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Don’t do that. That’s how Houdini died.


Given the number of people who do subQ injections intentionally…probably not much.

I’ve used quads, delts and abdominal subq, all with insulin pins (30ga 1/2"). Usually stick to delts these days.

That said…unless you’re lean you may want to aspirate (“pull back” a bit on the needle to make sure you’re not in a vein). Injecting oil into a vein probably won’t kill you but you’ll probably wish you were dead for a few minutes. (oil embolism)

Nah, I’m not lean at all. I’ve got a stocky build and maybe a bit more muscle than the average couch potato, but that’s it. Starting the journey now on fixing that.

I might pick up some 5/8 25g needles for the delts and give it a shot.


Too long and unnecessary, I use 1/2 inch insulin syringes in my deltoids and quads.

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Are you shredded? If I spread the skin tight I could probably make that work. I’m overweight …but my quads and delts don’t carry much fat.

I pin quads regularly, does hurt a bit but not crippling. I only really do quads and delts now. Sometimes glute if my wife does it. Cant reach them myself anymore lol.

Thanks, useful to know! Is it as effective as IM though?

I bought a pack of syringes and needles with 5/8" 25ga Pins. Love the pins - totally painless and far more stable whilst injecting. But always worry whether I’ve hit the right spot on my thigh

I do delts and glutes (VG almost exclusively). Occasionally throw in lats if I’m feeling frisky.

Waste of time. It is incredibly hard to hit a vein by accident. They don’t even teach nurses to aspirate for IM shots anymore.

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Funny you say that. That’s exactly what happened to me on my first at home injection last week. My quad got crazy sore and a I had a giant lump towards my knee. I was worried about an infection so I went to the Dr.

She thinks I poked through a vein and caused some internal bleeding which pissed off the quad and caused the lump. I did aspirate and had no signs of blood.

Probably just shit luck, but I’ll aspirate in my quads just in case. I’m not lean by any means but my quads aren’t flabby. I used a 1" 25G needle.

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Cant harm to pull back though can it? If you’re doing 100+ shots a year… playing some odds?

This is why ventrogluteal is such an easier spot. You have to be legitimately blind to hit a vein with that spot. I carry more bf than I’d like, have a darker complexion, and I can still see every place to avoid when doing VG. I genuinely didn’t know people would aspirate their shots until I started to see it mentioned here. It mystifies me that it still is a thing.