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Delts vs Quads Absorption?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and this is my first post. A little back story, I was diagnosed with low T (290) when I was 27 years old. I had all the symptoms, low libido, low energy, no drive etc… my doctor at the time said because my free T was normal that everything was fine. It was 44 and the cutoff was 40.

Fast forward 7 years and I just couldn’t take the symptoms and I signed up for an online trt clinic and was prescribed 160mg test C and anastrozole injections once a week. After 8 weeks I felt amazing but I had these weird aches all over which I think is from the anastrozole. Anyway my blood work came back with tt at 981 and free t wasn’t measured but my hematocrit came back at 54 and the clinic said I needed to donate blood. I live in Hawaii and there was no blood drives at the time so the clinic told me to STOP trt and let my hematocrit settle back down. After 6 weeks my tt was at 91 and I felt like shit but my hematocrit was back to 51.

I was angry at the clinic for making me stop instead of prescribing me a therapeutic phlebotomy (there suppose to be doctors) but they refused and made me stop instead. So I cancelled my membership and got back all the money I could. I then went to my primary care and explained everything and I think his ego took over and he didn’t want me seeing “another doctor” so he said he’ll prescribe me the test C.

I read a lot of forums and watched a lot of videos and decided that dropping my dose to 140mg split twice a week with no estrogen blocker would be better. So I’m currently back on trt at that dosage and it’s been 8 weeks.

Here’s my question, when I was on 160 once a week I felt like super man and I was injecting into quads with 1 inch 25g. When I restarted I went back to quads and felt good within 2 weeks but not like before. Then I switched to injecting with 1/2 insulin syringe into my delts. The thing is when I inject into my delts I feel nothing, no libido, nothing. As if I’m not taking test at all.

Anyone else notice that injection site makes a big deference with effect?

I notice a difference between locations and needle length, even though everything I’ve read says that shouldn’t be the case. Don’t know why, but I don’t fight it anymore. 1in to the delts every time from here on out

studies clearly demonstrates that certain muscles injected result in higher/lower T levels and longer/shorter absorbtion.

So yes.

Thanks for the reply’s. Yeah I’m going to go back to 1 inch to the quads. I might try ventral glutes. I tried to get away from quads because I had a weird experience with my left quad where I got some bruising from an injection and it remained sore and tender for about 3-4 weeks. I watched carefully for signs of infection and I don’t think that’s what it was. Unless it’s a small pocket of infection deep inside? I still feel it

Have a link for any of the studies by chance?

Not on hand but look up “Victor Black” on utube, he got some vids where he go thru it

Does anyone else have any views or study references regarding injection site impact on measured blood levels of TT, FT, practical (clinical) impact, etc.?

Following this.

Since my initial post I went back to 1 inch 25g to my quad. I pinned 80mg and I can feel an immediate difference. Body feels better, more energy, less anxiety. I almost feel like when I pinned my delts that it was straight converting to estrogen or something…

My personal experience has been the same as everyone’s. Whatever method you choose, and feel best with, is what will be yielding the best results. Your entire body has areas that you would never consider for injection, but they are there. Once you develop muscles due to training, the absorption rate is changed due to the changes in blood flow. So new, bigger muscle is prime for injecting. The problem is nerves, and veins getting in the way will cause a huge setback. So if you like delts because you feel like your arms are getting bigger due to it, they’re not. If you feel like you’re getting better overall results because of it. You are. Its that simple. As for me, the Ventroglute has been my site for over a year. No nerves or veins to mess with my daily ritual. So you decide. We all made our decision, but it has more to do with comfort and not absorption rates.