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Delts Really Lagging


Ive been on WS4SB 4 day for a month or two and I have gotten both stronger and bigger. Currently I am bulking so the workout is going good. I have been noticing though my shoulders and traps have never been a prominent feature but now they are really lagging. I am trying hard to bring my deltoids up and also my traps. Should I pre exhaust my traps and shoulders before my workouts? Or just add more shoulders/trap movements on upper days?


I'm not a huge guy by any means but I think I have made good progress in my delts with the following concepts
1. Find a press you like and progress every week with it, for me this was dumbbell press
2. SIDE DELTS, these are key, hit 2 exercises for this muscle group, one heavier and one lighter, also don't neglect rear delts, hit them with at least 1 exercise. If your problem is getting a total mind-muscle connection in each respective delt head then take care of this first, there are plenty of tips
3. Get some side and rear delt training >1x /wk

Sample workout
Dumbbell press - 2 w/u 3 wk sets 6-10 reps
Lateral raises - 8-12 x 3-4 sets
Cable lateral 3 x 15-20 reps
Bent over rear delts - 3 x 10-20 reps

Then make sure to add a side delt exercise with chest and and rear delt exercise with back and you'll be gold. PROGRESS with these movements.



The Delt Triad. This is the best shoulder-building routine ever posted on T-Nation as far as I'm concerned.

I've incorporated this into my routine and have made visual monthly progress in my delts.


Alright thanks guys. Ill look at the delt triad and incorporate into my workout and post back.


?? What is WS4SB and what are you already doing for shoulders?

I have a problem with "upper days"....but that is because I understand how important it is to make sure you aren't creating muscle imbalances so I think in terms of muscle groups...not training my entire upper body in one day.

First, there is no way in hell I could pull that off and train my muscles optimally. You are no doubt leaving out some important movements that way.

How the hell could I train my chest like I just did tonight...as well as everything else on my upper body? It wouldn't happen....and maybe that is why your shoulders suck.


Oh...and I know for a fact that guy whose picture is in the OP did NOT do WS4SB to look that way. He had a shoulder day.


D. MEDIAL DELT or TRAP EXERCISE - Perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Choose one of the following exercises:

Dumbbell side press (single arm)
Dumbbell shoulder press (seated or standing)
Lateral raises (dumbbell or cable)
Barbell or dumbbell shrugs
Bradford presses (shown below)

thats all the shoulder work that is done per week on "west side 4 skinny bastards"


So, you are only doing one of those exercises?

That routine looks like crap. I was a "skinny bastard" also.

I didn't stay one for long because I didn't do shit like that.


lol no, not ME. i have 5 exercises on my dedicated delt day. i was just trolling the forums and decided to answer.


OK...your arm development is better by the way so i would assume you are NOT training like the OP.


lol no, im pretty much doing was is outlined in your training thread. each body part has its own day, multiple exercises, ramping up to a top set that is taken to near failure. and eating like its going out of style. this route took me up to 230lbs at 5'7.

edit: my avatar was taken at 190lbs.


Just do military press on repetition day instead of a bench/press up variation


...but what happens after he leaves his side and rear delts behind?

I don't understand. Why train FOR imbalances?


Ok haha. Thanks for the advice. I was going to post up a improved WS4SB, but maybe Ill look through your thread professor. I mean, anyone who has done WS4SB, I never work shoulders or tris. I feel that they are left out. But X, Ill look through your workout.

Maybe Ill start doing a muscle group each day. But I think I have told you, I feel when I do Arm days, training both bis and tris, I dont get results. Maybe Ill try it again but Ill check out your thread and throw a wo together.


The program also has direct side and rear delt work.


WSFSB is designed for athletes, so if you are an athlete great, follow it and you will improve your performance.

If your goals are aesthetic, as you put across, it's not the best program for you.

I truly am a beginner to all of this so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but why would you choose a program designed for athletes if you want to look like a bodybuilder?


this is wise.


well,PX the OP is from a beginner,
don't you think that is better for him to become stronger/bigger on MP,side laterals and rows?
(in plain english= front delts,medial,traps-upper back-lats-rear delts)
I remember to have read in this very respectable forum " first add mass,than the details"(or something like this)
am i wrong?


I don't really understand you. Your goal is to grow...EVERYTHING. I see absolutely no benefit to a beginner avoiding some very important exercises as if they can't gain strength doing everything like millions of huge bodybuilders did before them.

Some of you act like the rest of us weren't beginners also.

How did we get this big if we did it wrong?

Why are most of the guys training like this staying so damned small or developing so many imbalances later?


OP- How is your MMC for trap/delt work? Are you actually able to feel the muscles at work?