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Delts Not Kicking In A Shoulder Press!


Yesterday I was doing standing barbell shoulder presses, 5X5, then some push presses for triples and singles. Now, I haven’t done shoulder presses in about a month and a half.

However here is my problem… today, the day after the workout. My front deltoids are a little sore, but the middle and back are feeling normal. HOWEVER, MY TRICEPS ARE BURINIG!!! WTF??? I was looking at myself in the mirror while pressing and I didn’t do a tricep extension with the barbell. Can somebody PLZ tell me how to solve this???

I know when doing compound lifts the body transfers most the force to the strongest muscle/s, but dang it, I never thought it would be this drastic!


Happened to me while doing DB bench presses and arnold presses yesterday. Here’s where supersets come in…

The delts are the main muscle just about till it gets above your head, then the tris take over, at least with barbells. Dumbells will force the delts to work the whole range (so long as you don’t allow the hands to fall inward) or going wider with the grip on the barbell. Be careful with that last, it’s easy to hurt your shoulder joint by going too wide.

All the lateral movements (front side and bent over lateral) raises, will work the deltoids directly as well. The leverage is so bad that you can develop a surprising amount of strength with relatively light weights.

thanks fellas