When training my anterior delts should I go heavy or just do reps of 8 to 10…I front mil press…and the …can’t remember the name so I will just call them the…hold on to the dumbell and raise the arm to shoulder heighth exercise…any ideas thanx…MATT

I would keep the volume relativly low as the anterior deltoid is probably the most overworked muscle on the human anatomy. It is worked in essentially every pushing exercise, whether horizontal or verticle. As far as reps are concerned, I would just use the same rep range as you are using for other exercises in your workout, just keep the volume a little lower.

BTW- the exercise you were referring to is called a lateral raise. The middle delt and supraspinatus are the two primary muscles involved, as they work together to abduct the arm at the shoulder joint.


I would also make a point of specifically training your rotator cuff, especially the external rotation function. As someone with a history of obnoxious shoulder problems, I wish that I had done it from the start. Shoot for 3 sets of 15 on 90 degree external rotations with a dumbbell sideways on a preacher bench. If you haven’t been doing much rotator cuff work, you can probably count on gaining a few pounds on your bench. Also, as far the anterior delt issue is concerned, I wouldn’t worry too much about front raises unless your anterior delts are way behind. You hit them with all chest work, plus upright rows and presses (and, to a lesser extent, cleans). Stick with presses first and foremost, and through in some lateral raises, upright rows, posterior delt work, and the aforementioned rotator cuff work, and you’ll be good to go:)