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Delts Four Times a Week?

Could you train front delts twice a week and alternate to rear delts twice a week? I notice delts recover quickly compared to chest and legs which I train twice a week.

Delts Routine A
Victory Raises 2x20
Lateral Raise 2x20
Delts Routine B
Rear Delt Fly 4x20
Reverse Pec-Deck Fly 4x10

You can train any muscle group as much as frequently as you want as long as you manage volume and intensity.


Rear Delts can be trained way more frequently than medial and front delts.

gonna be hard to help you if you don’t give us the entire context of your programming… your delts get used in more things than isolation movements. No way to know based on this if you’re running a well constructed program.

That being said, try whatever you want. If you see results, keep it up. If you don’t, then don’t.

Day 1
Top-Half Bench Press 5
Bench Press 3/2/1 Waves
Speed Dumbbell Press 20
Dumbbell Fly 12/10/8/8
Cable Crossover 12/10/8/8
Military Overhead Press 3/2/1 Waves
Seated Shoulder Press 12/10/8/8
Lateral Raises 20/25/30
Tricep Extensions 12/10/8/8
Skullcrushers 20/20/20
Straight Bar Pulldown 12/10/8/8

Day 2
Barbell Row 7/5/3 Waves
Pull-Up 3/3/3 Waves
Barbell Shrugs 10/10/10/10/10
Pinch-Grip Deadlift 3x30-60 seconds
Fat-Grip Hold 3x90-120 seconds
Rear Delt Raise 12/10/8/8
Reverse Pec Deck Fly 20/25/30
Chin-Up 3/3/3 Waves
Preacher Curl 12/10/8/8
Cable Curl 12/10/8/8
One Arm Preacher Curl TF/TF

Day 3
Top-Half Squat
Squat 3/2/1 Repeat 3
Stiff-Legged Deadlift 5/4/3/2/1 Waves
Top-Half Deadlift 5
Deadlift 3/2/1 Repeat 3
Stiff-Legged Deadlift 7/5/3 Waves
Speed Squat 25/25
Leg Press 10/8/6/4/20
Calf Raises 50/50/50/50
Preacher Curl 5x10

I am alternating front delts and rear delts, twice a week which is four times a week for the split.

That is a lot of stuff.

I’ve never understood these. Go ahead and do them, but I don’t think they really help much. I’d rather do normal squatting and some box jumps or long jumps while I warm up.

Is this a rack pull?



So you do upper body 2 days in a row, and then legs and biceps for 4 straight days?

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I’m pretty sure they’re rocking a PPL split, but, I’ve been wrong before.

Ohhh that makes more sense.

The exercises are explained on the article and videos.

OK, I’d just had no clue that a jump good morning was real.

I’m not CT but I do question if it’s really the best way to “put on a significant amount of muscle while simultaneously getting ripped to shreds” though. Cause if all I’ve been missing is jumping while I do my normal movements, that’s gonna suck.

Hmm, more of a speed strength exercise.

I train in this order as written on the article but I addna hypertrophy exercise at the end.
Overload, strength, speed strength, hypertrophy.

And you think you can get better at all those qualities while training them simultaneously that way?

That is what Christian describes in the article I posted which is what the Soviet weightlifters did when they trained with a complex of exercises.

That is a maximum strength complex but if you look at the article above “6 Weeks to Superhero”, Christian explains the complex he does which is an overload, strength and speed strength exercise for 4 to 6 rounds.

It isn’t written to become an expert at them but rather for the exercises to improve the compound strength exercise. For example, broad and vertical jumping has been shown to improve strength for the squat or deadlift. Someone that has sprinted or done long jump for years will be better at squatting versus someone that has never done any athletic training.

When I started the bench press compound six months ago, I was struggling at 100KG and now I can bench press 150KG and my weight has gone from 85KG to 98KG.

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your program seems like it’s just… everything. It doesn’t have any clear direction. I dunno. The delts question aside, I would say any good training program would have more focus that what you’ve posted. If you have multiple goals you want to achieve, I would train in ‘blocks’ throughout the year. Many strongmen and powerlifting competitors do this. So do high level athletes in other sports.

Are you a competitive athlete? If so, I would factor your ‘season’ into how you structure your blocks. If not, then you could do something generic like this:

4 months: hypertrophy block. you focus mostly on bodybuilding movements, and just building size through very basic movements in higher rep range.

4 months: strength block. reps are lowered, exercise selection is more limited, and you really focus on heavy compound movements for overall strength.

4 months: athletic/speed block. I would not do this 4 months straight, but rather I would do something like inserting 2 months of this type of training between each of the other blocks. But you would focus, during this time, on the explosive training.


4 months hypertrophy
2 months speed
4 months power
2 months speed

Something like that. Doesn’t have to be EXACTLY this, it’s just an example of a programming style that will likely lead to more overall progress long term.

There is a saying: if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either. Focus on 1 rabbit at a time.


What exactly is your goal ? 4 days ago you mentioned in another thread wanting to bulk up and wanting to look like a pro bodybuilder. Which doesn’t required having to worry about speed strength or all out max strength.

What about training 2 days for power both upper and lower while having the rest of the days as hypertrophy training days with a few speed strength exercises at end of each body part workout?

Day 1
Power Upper
Day 2
Power Lower
Day 3
Day 4
Back and Shoulder Hypertrophy
Day 5
Legs Hypertrophy
Day 6
Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
Day 7

Yes, I would like to look gain another 10KG of muscle where I would be closer to 110KG but at my height of 6’0, I know I am reaching my limit naturally without steroids or prohormones. It is important to me to be able to throw hands for 3 rounds with power and speed strength and not only lifting for appearance of the muscles.

Honestly if you wanted to do a bunch of things at once I would do either a 3 day full body or a 4 day upper lower. If you do a 4 day upper lower you could go this route:

Power Clean - 6x2
Deadlift - 5x3
RDL - 4x8-12
Lunges - 4x8-12
Abs - 4x10-20
Back Ext - 4x10-15

Snatch - 6x2
Bench Press - 5x5
DB Row - 5x10-12
DB Incline Press - 3x10-15
Cable Row - 3x12-15
Push Ups - 4xMax
Curls - 4x15-20

Basically you do a speed/power movement, you do a main lift, and then you do your supplemental/assistance work after that. Probably a much better way to organize it.

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