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Deltoid Routine


Hey Christian,
From what I understood some trainer's use the Behind.Neck. Press to improve flexibility. However do you feel it could be used as a mass building main movement?

Additionally when using the dumbell overhead press, could it be advantageous to finish the set with a static hold?
(I have 2 spotters so safety I feel wouldn't be an issue)

Kind regards, Nick


If you watch his videos, he never performs, or has other guys perform the behind-the-neck press. Im guessing he would advise against it. Plus, why not just do plain military press? It's very similiar but doesn't jeaprodize your shoulders.

If you are doing a DB shoulder press, you should be working with explosive reps (following CT's protocol). Static holds are recommended for PULLING exercises as those muscles are mean't to hold* it. A static hold on the shoulder press would mean that you are fatiguing the delts, thus making your next set less explosive, and not able to benefit from CT's program.


Uh, in the livespill videos he points out that BTN Press can be a very good shoulder exercise if you are flexible enough to use it..


yeah and one of the guys does use it while the others are doing regular shoulder presses


Nice input guys,
I was unsure about the b.n.press, because previously CT used the bench to neck in a sample routine (A similarly notorious exercise).
I was perhaps vague. I was curious as to his opinion for a static hold on the last set (The weight I use currently gives a fantastic mental effect at least).


Not true, I had Daryl do BNP (because he had been using it for years and was more comfortable with it).


Among pressing movements, the BNP is the one with the greater deltoid recruitment. As such it is potentially the best shoulder builder.

I use it personally but that is because my background in olympic lifting gave me good shoulder mobility.

It is also true that it can be an hazardous shoulder movement.

Because of that last reason I CANNOT recommend it to you, or anyone else... if you are predisposed to a shoulder injury and you get hurt from it because of my recommendation I would feel bad and look like and idiot!

I can only tell you that it works well if you can do it safely, but that not everybody can do it safely.


Great response cheers,
Interesting correlation, I understand it's not comparable to an entire career but the last 6 months I've implemented the olympic lifts and my shoulders have gone to a new level (both mobility and strength).

On a different subject whilst researching I came across a website where the "critics" if you will, didn't take well to our Coach. I'm aware there is an I,Bodyduiler forum and wondered if there was a thread for the new program/teachings. The results I've received recently are in my opinion phenomenal. Does any know if there is a thread created for this topic?



Building your body is an emotional issue. And as such it will lead to emotional responses from high strung individuals. When beliefs that you thought were solid like a rock are shattered, then one kind of people respond emotionally via personal attacks or by making fun of the new ideas.

Such is life... I have no time for these people. All I want to do is help others... but some don't want to be helped, or do not believe that they need help even if they sometimes do.


As a young lifter I definitely appreciate the honest, open minded approach you as coach/icon take.
And in regards to helping others...on behalf of my NEW 18inch arms. THANk YOU, your certainly on to something good!


I realize part of it comes down to differences in the structure of the bones in the humerus/scapula/clavicle, but are there certain movements we can do to facilitate the range of motion needed to do overhead pressing behind the neck? I've been doing Y trap raises and hanging from a bar with the tops of my feet touching the floor behind me to try and get that extra flexion in the arms, but I think we also need to tilt the top of the scapulae away from the body or something like that?


Don't really know who that question was addressed to...I realise I'm not CT (and so do you obviously lol)...

But anyway I'll give information from my experience. I literally had the worst shoulders, mobility and flexibility of a rock! However I supplemented with fish oils, did olympic lifts 4 times a week. And now my shoulders are now my best body part, mobility and strength is incredible. I can now behind the neck press more than comfortably.

I'll end by saying that I know realise CT was 100% on the ball by stating that when giving recommendations everyone needs to be very careful. The above paragraph is what worked very well for ME personally.

:slightly_smiling: Nick


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