Delta's Log 2

Yep it’s me again.

Too lazy to go bump for the old log, I’m giving this one a try, I’ll update it when possible.

In a new gym, which is pretty decent except for the lack of heavy DB’s and squat hack, it’s better than all the hell holes I have lifted so far, despiste the staff giving me bad looks when I came into the door. At least their smith good. And there’s hot women.

I’ll only post numbers when I have a vid to post, had enough crap on another board I was posting ( it’s forbidden to film inside the gym, but who gives a damn. )

Let’s see if I can keep this crap updated.

Note: I don’t count warm-up sets.

3/30/2011: Shoulder, Triceps, Biceps, Calves

-Smith Military Press
1 set of 12
3 sets of 8
2 sets of 6

Worked up to a good 210

-Lateral Raises

2 sets of 20
1 set of 10

  • Face-pull + Mini Band Pull apart

2 sets of 10 + 20 reps
1 set of 10 + 16 reps

  • Leaning Cable Rear/Lateral raise

2 sets of 10

  • Smith Shrugs

3 sets of 15
2 sets of 10

worked up to 6 plates per side

  • Close Grip Bench

4 sets of 6

  • Deadstop Skullcrushers

2 sets of 6

  • Ez-Bar Curl

2 sets of 10
2 sets of 6

  • Dante Reverse Curl

3 sets of 10

Then I did calf work on the leg press machine.
Later today I’ll hammer the crap out of a tire.

pic with the worse camera lighting I ever saw in my life


Baby I missed you!

Glad to see life didn’t keep you out of the gym.

You uhm, look a lot bigger <3
Are you putting on weight again? I know you left the old log on a diet.


I’d say I’m doing more of a body recomp. And in about that diet, it was short lived, since I discovered it wasn’t going to fix the problems I was having at that time. Everything I thought to be fat at that time turned out to be a massive bloat caused by a kidney condition I never knew I had.

Note: I have a strong felling my leg training will be strongly affected by the lack of a squat hack, probably means I can go crazy with the volume on machines.

03/31/2011: Legs

  • Sumo DLs

5 sets of 5
3 singles

Hit a good PR today.

  • Leg Press

3 sets of 15
3 sets of 10

  • Seated Leg Curl

3 sets of 20

  • Smith Partial SLDLs

4 sets of 8

Then finished with some ab/oblique work.

I’ll miss squatting.

Today I also found out this gym has a lunk-alarm kind of thingy, however, they auto-sabotaged it by playing loud music and placing the speakers high next to the thing. A guy dropped the whole weight stack and it didn’t even go off.

However, there was this hag looking lady from the gym staff that stood behind me watching while I was deadlifting. Annoying as fuck. They are probably already looking for a reason to kick me out. Fucking lame.

EDIT: When I set the alarm off I’ll get a video, if that thing even works.

Note: My shoulder/clavicle area is hurting lately, 70% of my upper body lifts are done in the smith machine.


  • Flat Bench Press

8 sets of 3,
exploding from the bottom

  • Smith Incline Widowmaker

2 widowmaker sets (20 reps )

  • Barbell Row

…experimenting with a hook grip
2 sets of 8
2 sets of 6

  • Rack Chins

2 sets of 12 with 45 and 60 lbs on my lap
1 set of 8 with 70
1 set of 5 with 100

  • Rope Pushdown

2 sets of 15
1 set of 8

  • Swiss bar hammer curl

1 set of 15
1 set of 10
1 set of 8
1 set of 5

Then finished off with calf work.

Notes 2: I’ve met 2 guys with some decent training knowledge and strength and we’ve agreed to train together. Finally found out some lifting partners.

And Rack chins are awesome.

Hey, what’s your diet like? And what are your current goals - fat loss, bulk…?

[quote]hlss09 wrote:
Hey, what’s your diet like? And what are your current goals - fat loss, bulk…?[/quote]

You didn’t get the reply to your PM ?
Weird, I’ll send it again, let me know if you get it.

I got the PM, just wanted to see if you’d list your goals/what you’re eating to get there. I always like to see what the big guys eat to get to their goals!

I eat a lot of meat.

Red meat, chicken meat, fish meat, if it’s meat I eat it.
For carbs I like rice, potatoes and bread. Then we also have green veggies and etc, but the amount of carbs on those are insignificant.
I don’t have cheat meal. I have a “high-carb” day, when I load up on carbs at the end of the week on my off day.

My goal high now it to maintain my bodyweight while losing some fat ( body recomp ), however one could see this as trying to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, which is kind of true, since I’m making gains and still beating PRs on a caloric deficit diet.


DC training starts now.


My shoulder is limiting my range of exercises. The smith machine is currently my best friend for pressing.

  • Smith Incline Widowmaker
    2 warm-up sets
    1 widowmaker set

  • Shoulder Press
    1 warm-up sets
    2 rest-pause sets of 15

  • Mid grip Upright row
    2 rest-pause sets of 15

  • Shrugs
    3 straight sets of 15

  • Rack Chins
    4 straight sets of 16-12 with 70 lbs on my lap

  • Semi-sumo Deadlifts
    5 straight sets of 6
    …beat a rep PR

  • Inhuman’s
    2 rest-pause sets of 15


I’ll probably add or take one exercise as the method dictates. I’m a big fan of Dante Trudell and I’ve wanted to try DC for a while, but never could since I never trained in a well equiped gym. I’ve decided to switch to all out DC yesterday due to my busy schedule, and because it fits my higher frequency plan, but I still gotta check a few things and change the training accordingly. The mid grip upright rows did more for my delts than any lateral raise ever did.

As I expected I got a shit load of things wrong with today’s training but nothing I can’t fix.


Sledgehammer work with a 12 lb sledge, lighter sledge so my shoulder doesn’t fall off.


  • Low placement Leg Press

2 warm-up sets
1 heavy set of 8
1 widowmaker set of 25

  • Lying leg curl

3 straight sets of 25-19 reps

  • Dumbbell Curls
    1 warm-up set
    1 rest-pause set 8/3/3 reps

  • Kpipe Curl
    2 warm-up set
    1 rest-pause set 7/4/2 reps

  • Leg Press toe press
    1 straight set of 20 reps, 5 second negatives, 10 sec pause at bottom

Then I did 2 sets of cable crunches to failure.

Legs are gonna suck until I find a squat hack…

I won’t squat in a smith machine, not even if god himself comes down and asks me to.

I, for one, would be curious to know what weights you are using when you update your log.

plz and ty <3

Since I switched to DC i might be posting some numbers. We’ll see.

Did 1 hour of cardio today, as outlined. On a related note, I forgot to write up my DC exercise rotation, thumbs up for me being an idiot.

Also, C_C if you happen to be reading this, I sent you an e-mail.