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Delta 1250

I need you opinion, T-fellows… what do you think about Delta 1250 modification in which during underfeeding T-Dawg macronutrient scheme is adopted and during overfeeding more isocaloric approach is applied? Or should I stick to isocaloric approach during underfeeding too? Appreciate the response.

Sasa, this scheme is exactly what I do. Durring the overfeeding I do iso-caloric, and during ‘cutting’ week, I do the T-dawg. Seems to be working great, plus I like the variety of a week of carbs. Currently I’m trying to cut up, so I’m doing two weeks of T-dawg, and only one week of Iso. I’m also adding Androsol during my higher carb weeks, to get the most out of my increased energy and higher intensity workouts. Seems to be working well so far.

And what about carb up at the end of the week during T-Dawgging?

Personally, I never do a true ‘carb up’. I’ve done strict ketogenic diets, ala Bodyopus, and found that I did the best on them when I limited my carb up. With the T-dawg diet, I don’t feel the need to do any carb ‘binging’ like I did on Bodyopus. Usually I let myself have 1-2 cheat meals on the weekend, but still eat a reasonable amount with these meals. Besides, if I’m alternating with a week of meals including carbs, I don’t get the cravings like I did on Bodyopus.

I have 198 lbs, 5 11"… I decided to do Delta 1250 and T-Dawg during underfeeding with 30+40 g carbs postworkout on my training days and approx 50-60 g carbs during off days… I won’t go below 50-60 because everything less will slow down the thyroid hormone production… and I’ve been doing anabolic diet during January and February and strict T-Dawg during March and April so I thought I might add some “variety”. I will also aim for 1.5 g/kg of protein and approx 50 g of flax oil… and see how I’ll do…