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Delt Pain While Benching


I've looked at the forums and several articles (mostly by Cressey), but I don't see a problem similar to the one I'm having addressed. Or maybe I do, and don't recognize it. Anyway, thought I'd see if someone has had a similar problem, and has some tips on how to correct it.

My left shoulder is killing me during the top 1/5 of my BP. Specifically, I get a shooting pain about where I'd guess my delt inserts into my upper arm, about a third of the way down. It doesn't matter if I close grip, regular grip, or reverse grip -- at the top of the movement I get an icepick-like pain.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Any would be greatly appreciated.


I had this exact problem when doing any pushing lifts, where it felt like the nerve right in the middle of my arm was just being crushed (from shoulder to elbow). I saw a PT, and he saw that I had some scapular winging, and also that I had basically no left rotator cuff strength. Let me direct you to this, which worked WONDERS for me and solved the problem within a few workouts:


The program at the bottom is great, try it out. Do some serratus activation too, like push-up plus/scap push-ups.

I'd also recommend foam rolling your lats and pecs, and using a lacrosse/tennis ball to hit the rotator cuff muscles when doing external rotation on the floor, and also for your posterior shoulder capsule.


Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check this out.