Delt Pain from Rows

I’ve begun to feel pain in the bottom of my deltoid pretty much where it meets between the bicep and tricep.

I first began to feel it during DB deadstop rows. The second time I felt it there and mildly during dips. The 3rd time, I focused on keeping my shoulder back and stretched it a bit more and that helped a lot during the exercise, but it is fairly sore now.

Here’s the odd details:
-it’s only on my dominant arm
-it’s fine during smith bentover rows, seated rows, and direct delt work.
-DB deadstops are the first exercise i do on pull days, so it’s not fatigue
-dips are the last thing on push days, so that may just be fatigue
-I hadn’t increased the weight on the DB deadstops for several sessions before the pain
-I used to do rotator cuff prehab and have excellent external rotation

Changes prior to the injury:
-pulled a hamstring and replaced bentover smith rows with seated chest-supported rows
-eliminated leg day, increasing my pulling frequency from 1.5x/week to 2x/week (for the past 2 weeks)

All I can figure is I’m pulling it too deep on the rows?

From what I’ve read, it could be anything from a rotator cuff injury to an impingement due to anatomy. It KIND OF feels like an overuse injury; I used to have a similar feeling in my forearms years ago.

As far as fixing it, I read I should do the following:
-rest it
-reduce ROM/weight
-don’t do db deadstops any more
-fish oil
-see a doc

any other suggestions?

For anyone else that my experience this… I’m fairly certain it was the ROM… so don’t pull too hard!