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Delt Injections


I was wondering, how many ml can shoulder really hold at one time, as its relatively smaller muscle compared to glutes. And is amount different for Water based and Oil based.


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I've shot a little over 1.5ml in the delt and this was plenty for me...I actually just prefer to shoot 1ml/delt, but only do so when absolutely necessary as I had a bad experience not too long ago while shooting into my right delt.



ive done 2 cc ijections i weigh 215..a buddy of mine does 3 cc but he weighs 345...size reference


I've injected as much as 1.5ml of Test Prop into my delt.

I was scared shitless the first time, but it was actualy more comfortable then the first couple times in my glute.

Nice and Slow!!


it definitely depends on the size of the shoulder. I can take 2cc's in each but one is much more comfortable. I don't like feeling the injection for days afterward.


I've done up to 2 ml., but I know others who've done more. It just depends on how much discomfort you're willing to put up with. I know if you inject huge volumes you'll put yourself at greater risk for an abcess.


ditto with what wissler said. I've been doing 2cc's as of late, but I worked my way up to it splitting 1cc in each delt for 5 weeks prior. Even doing that, if I lift that corresponding arm up within a 2-4 hour frame afterwards, I get a burning sensation much different than the usual post-pin soreness.