Delt injections

Can I inject into the delts with a 22-g needle?

Anyway to reduce the pain, I use a lidocaine
cream and aspirin, any other suggestions?

use a 25 guage

Use whatever you want, I use a 19-22g 1 to 1 1/2 for Test, Eq, Mastedon, and Deca. And guess what buddy It’s going to hurt if I am using a shit load of Test (deca is painless) I get some B-12 and pull a 1/2 cc at the end it usually takes away or reduces the pain. And if your going to inject in your rear delt get a friend to help. It sucks using the wall to push a plunger down and it is a sure way of being sore for 2-3 days. Good luck

Best suggestion…USE a smaller needle!!!

I guess I’m doing somthing wron but I have a hardtime pushing oil through a 25g pin… And drawing somthing out with a 25 is a bitch and it takes forever. I have little paitence for these kinds of things although I somtimes draw with a 20g and then put a 22g because it leaves a smaller mark. But maybe I just don’t have the pimping skills like some of you out there…

As Bill Roberts said, I’s SUPPOSED to take 60-90 seconds to push the liquid through!! If you don’t have the patience than you’ll just have to live with the pain, healing time, and SCAR TISSUE buildup from a larger pin.

Draw with an 18g and shoot with a 25g. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing correctly.

I cant get any other pins, if I could
I´ve wouldn´t have posted this question.

So is it acceptable-not optimal, to use a 22g?

Go to carecenter’s web site, get smaller pin, cheap.

Of course it’s fine to use a 22g pin it just gives you more pain and leaves a bigger mark. But I personally don’t have the time to use 25g pin. So I use between 20-22 except with Winstrol and other water based I use 25’s because it comes out quickly.

Genentech: You don’t have the time!!! To spend an extra 60 seconds or so using a smaller gauge - which leads to less scarring, less pain, and better spreading of the oil in the muscle tissue… Boy, you must have a tight schedule!!!

Blade. Basically that’s it but, I prefer delt injection (for oil based) and I can’t seem to push the plunger down so I deal with the pain and scar tissue. when I use winstrol it’s easy. Got any suggestions???