Delt Injections

Just starting my Dbol/Sustanon/Arimidex cycle and a strange thing happened this morning while shooting into my right delt with an 18 gauge 1.5 inch needle. As I pulled the needle out, blood started pouring down my arm. And it looked like the blood definitely had Sus in it. So I re-shot with half a dose and out came blood again!

I have never had this happen before and there was no pain so I don’t think I hit anything other than muscle. Any thoughts on what might cause this?

Why are you shooting with an 18 gauge needle? Did you do any reading before you started injections?

Switch to a 25 gauge 1" for the delts, or even and insulin pin if you’re lean enough.

Gee Wiz, I can’t imagine shooting with an 18 gauge. I actually have some on hand, only for the unlikely event that I ever get an infection.

why not clean it off and call it a day?

your sticking a needle in your arm you dont think there will be blood from time to time?

I shoot lat delts w. 1/2" 27g, no problem.

If you’re still alive and reading this, don’t freak about some blood.

I really can’t imagine an 18g in the delt not bleeding down my arm.

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
“…or even an insulin pin if you’re lean enough…”

And if you are not you should leave now. :smiley:

Im sorry that is a typo. I draw with an 18 and shoot with a 23.

Sorry 18 to draw and 23 to shoot

Damnit, Mickey, I was thinking you are just about the coolest guy on T-Nation just now. How cool would you have been, if it had been for real:

“Hey guys, I just used a hole puncher to create an opening in my arm to pour my testosterone in, but for some reason it appears to be leaking out, any advice?”

However, it appears now you are a mere mortal. You bleed when you pierce your skin. I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless it starts coming out green.

Wait till you get one of those gushers that shoots a stream of blood across the room!

Haha…Yeah the thought of putting an 18 into a delt or even a glutes is insane! I actually think that its so big it destroys the rubber seal on Test bottles… Thanks for the info! I guess no real need to worry…

[quote]Cortes wrote:

However, it appears now you are a mere mortal. You bleed when you pierce your skin.[/quote]

I lol’d