Delt Injection with Insulin Needle

3 weeks ago I got sick of spearing myself in the ass. I decided to back load my half inch insulin needle I use for my HCG injections and plunge it into my delt. I don’t have much fat on my delts at all. The needle went right in - as did the entire 100mg. No lump, no redness nothing. Did I waste my injection, is this an option for future injections? Would this method work in my lats / Triceps as well?

I’ve been pinning delts for months and a large number of others use delts exclusively. Hopefully you’ve got some muscle there ;^ )

I’ve been doing delts for a year. How would you have wasted anything? It works fine and is painless for most like you just found out :slight_smile:

I use a 29g 1/2” insulin needle as well. I’ve never pinned triceps, but I have done lats, as well as traps. Just be aware you might have some post injection pain in muscles that you pin for the first time (virgin muscle).

Im gonna go with scientists on this one. If you inject into the delt, it goes straight to your head. Measure the size of your melon and keep an eye on it. The rest of you might not be getting the benefits.


The fuck?

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An image of Dave Palumbo popped into my mind.

Thanks! Just wanted to confirm the 1/2 is big enough to use on delt injections. I’m pretty lean atm, just wanted to ensure that length would make it through any other tissue and into the muscle. I’m sick of pinning with 1 1/2 inch needles.

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Delt 18 months. No problem

I’ve used insulin needles in my calves before too. Easy.

I inject in the Ventroglute. Easiest place to inject for me

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Alternating delts only. Daily.

What length needle you using for that spot?

With 1/2 inch needle or something bigger?

1/2” is fine

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.5 inch

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