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Delt Injection, Need to Knows

Hi everyone, been pinning in glutes for 2 cycles now and do TRT In between, want to start using my delts to give the glues a break in between cycles, just wondering if there’s anything I need to know? Probably use a 25G 1” needle? Is that a good size? Do I still need to pull back on the plunger as I imagine this is difficult with one arm, help a brother out

5/8 needle, even 1/2 is all you need unless you have a lot of padding.

I use 1/2" length slin pins (27 gauge is my favorite, but using 29s ATM). No need to aspirate. Will probably hurt for a month or so.

I use 29g 1/2” for my daily delt injections. Virtually painless.

+1 for 29g 1/2" pins for delts.

Since I moved to daily injections for my TRT I’ve been using 30g 1/2" insulin syringes, alternating delts.

Small difference with 29g but I figured since I’m presumably going to pin each delt thousands of times over the next few decades, that small difference might add up in avoided scar tissue.

Keep in mind I’m only injecting 22mg at once, so it doesn’t take much longer than with a 27g for example. If you’re pinning 100mg at once, a 30g needle will have you pulling your hair out by the time you’re half way there.

1/2 29g agreed for Test Cyp. Just dont do prop there…

Thanks for all the help lads, surprised to see you all using a smaller needle though as pushing through a 25g seems hard in the glute! But the smaller the better still not fond of jabbing :rofl: what about position? I’ve heard a hand width down from the collar bone which pretty much falls dead centre of the delt

i prefer higher up on the delt , 3 finger width down from bone on top of shoulder

Personally I’ve tried insulin needles, and it was painless. But Spending even 2 or 3 minutes drawing into an insulin syringe felt like I was spending my whole damn life in the bathroom lol. Now I inject as infrequently as possible. For me this is E5D, 21g to draw, 25g to inject. 1inchers. I rotate sites around my thighs and quads. Practice makes that painless as well.

Ewww… you pin where you poop?

I’m a multitasker baby.


Since I am very lean, I poke around with my fingers different parts of the delt to choose a spot, to make sure I won’t hit bone accidently.