Delt Injection Bled, Still Swollen and Hard

Hate using my non dominant hand to do left delt inj . 25 gauge 1inch needle , 175 mgs and when I pulled out little blood trickled out . Now it’s still swollen 12 hours later and skin is extremely tight . Not too sore but sore .

Question : can I get away with both quads and just my left delt . Ita fast to control and inject with off hand . Also with a one inch needle I obv got all the oil in the muscle correct , I had it bottomed out . Not much fat on my delts


Yes you can get away with it but the same thing can happen when injecting into your quads as well.
What happened with your injection is fine and happens. It occurs when you hit a nerve and it’ll create a knot. Blood trickling out is also fine (within reason obviously).

Thanks for the response , yep I understand it can happen and prob will one day but man I have a lot more control .

I want to find the ventral glute but don’t want to miss it . The drawing and diagrams are difficult . Any advice ???

Yeah, don’t. If you think it’s hard to hit your delt, that glute will be a circus act.

I don’t think it’s hard to hit delt , I hit my left delt just fine with my dominant hand and both quads . So far sooo good with those , is the ventral that difficult

Well it’s not easy, put it that way and doesn’t seem like a good option for you.

I’ll research it more

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