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Deloading ?


I was reading some posts on this and I was wondering am I supposed to be deloading all my lifts on the same week? It seems like the posters I was reading were implying that they were. I changed/tested my 1rms as I went along so each lift is in a different week now. Should I match them up?




Hi Charlie. Yes, I think you should deload everything at the same time. Are you using a particular lifting program?

Cbear: I think the answer is actually 69.


69 ftw. dont cry cbear!


Hi Nadia I am using a 531 program modified for a beginner so that I am working upper and lower body every workout. I found this mentioned in a recent T-Nation acticle. I may have to change it back though now that I have added a sprint workout.

And yes the answer is 42. So long and thanks for all the fish!


Hi Charlie, and welcome.

The point of a deload for me is to rest and recover. Every fourth week (almost always) I feel tired enough to want a break. So, I deload all of my lifts for a workout or tow.

You might be different. Listen to your body for the real answer!


no wai. 77. i want 8 moar.


i deload around my monthly cycle. mostly i autoregulate with respect to doing what i can each training session... so for me 'deload' mostly means 'don't beat yourself up for not being able to match last time'.

your body will tell ya what it likes.


Thanks for all the help ladies. I think as I appear to be dealing with some kind of fever, I hope it will be gone when I get up today (I worked the night shift), I'll deload everything this week. Chuck really did almost up Chuck :frowning:




can't give me what i already have. :slightly_smiling: