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Deloading Week


Next week I am going to de-load. So next week I should still train hard (percentage wise), but with less volume? Correct? What about assistance exercises? Do I cut those out all together or use 2x12.



Read "Deload to Reload" by Jim Wendler over at Elite. There are several options, as far as what you can cut out.

The most popular seems to be to keep speed and rep work, but eliminate ME, and also keep the intensity down on assistance stuff.

If my joints are feeling good, I like to keep ME work, and basically eliminate everything else. I feel like volume kills me more than anything. So, on deloads, I basically lift twice, and do an ME exercise and one assistance exercise. I actually set a PR on a deload last month. Psychologically, this is great for me.

Find out what burns you out, and listen to your body, and you can map out a week where you can get some rest and still put in some good work.




Great article and you can figure out what will work best for you.