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Deloading Questions


Okay, so I have to take this week off of training because of finals at school, but next week I'll be back full swing. Concerning my "deload" week and others in the future, I had a few questions.

1) Should I take the week completely off? Should I still go to the gym, but go at about 50-60%?

2) What should my diet be like? Should I eat twice as much, or just keep it the same? (If it helps, I don't carb cycle or anything, usually on a straight bulk.)

3) I currently run WS4SB and I max out about every 6-8 weeks to track my progress. I've figured that it would be best to deload after my max out week. Since I have finals this week, I've cut my ME upper body cycle 2 weeks short. Will I be okay once I come back?

4) For my max out week, how long should it be between max out days? i.e. - Max Squat - Monday, Max Bench - Wednesday, Max DL - Friday.

Sorry for all the questions, just kind of popped into my head considering I haven't had a week off in almost 5 months.



Take it off , eat normal and don't worry .


If you get antsy and feel the need to go into the gym, just do some light conditioning work, barbell circuits, etc. Finals are stressful so no need to add a physical stress to the nervous system in a time where you're probably already in high alert.

I have no answers for the remaining questions as I've never run WS4SB, I've got the 5/3/1 flu.


I would die if I didn't go to the gym during finals time. It helps me relieve stress like not much else can. But, I can't go all out like I can under normal circumstances. I use conjugate method training so I'll do my ME work or DE or 5/3/1 standing press (what I do instead of speed benching, shoulders have thanked me), and then I'll do low volume moderately heavy supp work. Like 2-3x5 with a weight I would normally go 5x5. Then I go home.

I might take it easy on the ME work like only 3-5 singles at 90-95% if I'm feeling totally stressed and drained and use just straight weight for DE work and do only the required reps for 5/3/1 press and not do any supplemental work. I do re/pre-hab at home. That's the only reason I didn't include it in my description.