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Deloading lower workout + clip

I’ll post the workout later, hmm bodyweight continuing to rise, but I do feel leaner from all the sprinting I’ve been doing, something fishy happening.
A shade over 96kg now, heh I might even hit 100kg one day!

Squat workout clip from that day - these were not done while fresh, I’ll post the workout later
325lbs 3x2

Felt good, except form went off on 2nd set, not sure what happened, it’s like I fell asleep or something…

Right click on clip and save before viewing to avoid errors!


Good sets. But where is the hot chick from your last clips? We asked for more of her too.

Eh… you’re not lifting heavy enough for your strength! You could easily do 100 lbs more!!

(That’s revenge for not showing that hot ass!)

she was not there :slight_smile:
I don’t workout on regular days, changes every week

workout that day

Monday 8th November - General Workout - Week 8 - Day 2 - Lower Body 1 - Afternoon DELOAD

Well I should have read the signs and did this workout tommorrow.
Sore upper body and residual CNS fatigue made the Powercleans really crappy. Squats were OK though, but it’s usually speed-strength stuff that suffers first from mild CNS fatigue.

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Back Extensions x8, +10lbs x8
Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x8, +10lbs x8

rest 45secs
Low ankle jumps - 1x10secs, 1x15secs
Med ankle Jumps - 2x10secs

Hang Power Clean from Pause

Warmups - A few sets with the bar doing hang powercleans, and split/power jerks,
Powerclean + 3 HangPowerclean 89lbs, 109lbs, 119lbs
Hnag Powercleans - 155lbs x2

Rest - 2 mins

Lower to top of the knee, 3 sec pause, then explode
175lbs 3x2

Powercleans - 175lbs x2
5 Mid thigh Hang powersnatches with the bar

Only just made these, pretty crappy form. Just wasn’t feeling in the groove - signs of mild CNS fatigue from yesterday. Plus sore and stiff upper bopdy muscles don’t help.

Full Olympic Back Squats - RAW in Oly Shoes

Warmup sets - resting 2mins
Bar x8, 95lbs x5, 135lbs x5, 185lbs x5, 225lbs x5

Tempo 10X0 rest - 3.5 mins
275lbs x3
325lbs 3x2

Squats didn’t feel too bad, warmups set felt ok, so that told me my legs were ready to go. Erectors were a bit tight until the main worksets, strange
325 felt good, I didn’t feel freaked out at all, probbaly because I didn’t face the mirror
2nd rep of each set slowed a lot at the sticking point, but I was not too bothered by it. Form on 2nd set was a bit iffy.

Bits and Pieces
rest - 1min

Bulgarian Split Squats
Tempo 20X0 +44lbs in dumbells 1x10 each leg.

Explosive GluteHam Raise on Incline Situp Board
Tempo 20X0 x6 - using hand to help

Bent Knee Supported Hanging side to side Pelvic twists
Tempo 1010 x10 each side
Basicly I hold my knees up at the top of a bent knee leg raise and then rotate my feet upwards to each side

Reverse Hypers
Tempo 1010 BW x12

Then layed over a swiss ball face down to stetch out the erectors and open up the spine =- felt good

What are low/med ankle jumps?

you jump using only your claves etc

low/med refering to height and effort exertd

I think these caused my recent calf growth :slight_smile:
Doing thme mainly for achilles tendon elastcity

Do you start flat footed or on your toes? Thanks for the previous.

flat footed and then stay on toes from there on

hmmm…i’ll try them tomorrow… thanks again

make sure the anterior tiblus - um shin msucle, is fulled warmed up, with ankle rotations and toe curls etc

otherwise “shin splints” is around the corner :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s my warmup exercise of choice and does other things besides