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Deloading Layering

Hey CT,

Very interested in what you do for deloading for this new system…or if you even deload at all. I’m very diligent with my workouts and rarely miss a single one but I’m getting a little beat up.

Should I switch exercises? Take a week off and do nothing? Keep the exercises but do half the volume and/or the itensity?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

I asked him before about a possible deload and he suggested this.
‘Only perform the ramp (but to a 3RM) and 3 cluster sets (with 90% of your 3RM, but only doing 5 reps per set). Then maybe some abs or beach work but for no longer than 20 minutes.’

You can also do this:

CT- Layer System Neural Recovery

Christian Thibaudeau: @ Sigil… for pressing do this: (1) Ramp to 3RM (2) 3 sets of 5 reps with 85% of your ramp (3) 8 sets of 3 using 60% of your max ramp (as fast as possible) with 30 sec. between sets. For high pulls do: (1) Ramp to 2RM (2) LOW pulls ramp to 2RM (3) High pulls 1 rep from blocks, 3 reps from hang with 80% of ramp, 2 sets (4) Low pull 1 rep from blocks, 3 reps from hang 80% of ramp, 2 sets.

I’m in the same situation as James and I’m at week 6 of the Layer system. Finished the Accumulation phase using the 5/4/3/2/1 method, now into week 2 of the strength phase (Ramp to 1rm, 3 cluster @90%, ramp to 2rm, 2 cluster @90, ramp to 3rm, 1 cluster @90, then max rep @70). Problem is I’m also feeling pretty beat up. I’m also pulse feasting (throwing in a Finibar about 30-60 minutes before workout and then 2 scoops of plasma during)

For the accumulation phase I was doing standard deads as opposed to the launches, and I think that was THE major killer for me. For the past two weeks now I’ve been pretty stagnant, where as I previously hit either a weight, rep, or time PR every week on every day.

Some adjustments I made for this strength phase sp far:

  1. I’m going with Sput’s suggestion to only focus on bar speed and not weight and I’m specifically “loading and going” on all my ramps. This makes it so that as I get to the top of my ramp fatigue plays a role as much as the weight. I’m hoping that saves me some CNS stress.

  2. I’ve dropped the deads for a few weeks till I feel recovered and am doing Front Squats instead.

  3. I dropped the Mil Press on Friday and replaced it with continuous clean press.

  4. I’ve reduced my accessory work to only a couple days a week and kept it to mostly bi’s and abs.

Question. I really like the suggestions that Dlee and Sput shared from CT, but for how long did CT recommend we use that loading parameter? 1 - 2 weeks or until your recovered?

Thanks guys!

It’s really about recovery …I’d say a week…it’s not what you do it’s how you do it

I don’t really think there will be a straight answer from CT. He has been trying so hard to teach us how to auto-regulate. I think the layer system on a caloric deficit is a perfect opportunity to auto-regulate your training and your nutrition!

just my 2 cents