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Deloading Help

Deloading has never worked well for me.

The week after a deload is just crap live I have to spend two weeks to get back to normal again.

I’ve tried taking an entire week off to training with 50% etc. many different ways.

I had a new idea just do one week of the minimum reps and no extra sets, then the next week right back into it. It’s sort of a deload without a deload.

Anyone ever tried this or thought of it.

There’s a “heavy deload” in the Beyond book where you do 3x3 with the week 1 weights. That could be a better option for you. Or you could just not deload.

There are numerous deloading options in the Beyond book. Is there a reason you haven’t used any of those? Each 531 cycle last 6 weeks so you only have 7 deloads/year. I think taking 7 total weeks with reduced volume or intensity would be a positive thing.